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Mosport International Karting Association To Hold Spring Meeting March 30

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Mosport International Karting Association To Hold Spring Meeting March 30

By: Mosport International Karting Association

With karters starting to prepare for the 2014 season it is time to once again let everyone know what is in store for them at Mosport International Karting Association. We are pleased to announce that we will have the same race staff as well as technical staff that have been present in the past. The 12 date race schedule features twi double-header weekends, July 26th and 27th as well as August 16th and 17th. Race fees remain the same at $70.00 for members and $80.00 for non-members.

The Spring meeting is being held on Sunday March 30 at 2:00pm. The meeting has been moved to a new location this year and is being held at the Courtice Community Center located at 2950 Courtice Rd. Classes will be reviewed as it appears that we have a renewed interest in a Jr. Light as well as a Jr. Heavy class. All those interested in this are encouraged to be in attendance at the meeting. For those confused over the direction of Mosport with the addition of the OTK brand of karts, Mosport continues to be a CRG dealer with close connections to PSL Karting.

As a staple in the Ontario karting scene, Mosport plays a big role in the sales and tech support of CRG. We would like our existing and new customers to still rely on Mosport for CRG product support, as well as being an authorized PSL Karting dealer.

“In many cases, a person may prefer to drive to their favourite market, 10km away, over the new market in their backyard selling the same brand of product; it’s called dealer loyalty. It’s important we keep our existing CRG clients and family in the family. We (PSL) would like to express our enthusiasm for Mosport’s continued sales support of genuine CRG chassis’s, parts and accessories, for years to come.” – Dominic Labecque of PSL

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We hope everyone is preparing for what should be one of the best seasons yet to come and look forward to everyone attending the Spring Meeting, it is essential for all those looking to have the addition of classes this year that they be in attendance.

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