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Mosport International Karting Associated changes spec fuel location

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Mosport International Karting Associated changes spec fuel location

The Mosport International Karting Association has posted an update regarding the change of location for their spec-fuel for club and inter-club races.

Due to research done by the MIKA 2 cycle tech inspector Paul Hunter on the effects of ethanol on 2 stroke engines as of today, MIKA will be changing their spec fuel station from the Petro Canada at Waverly Rd and 401 to the Esso on the 35/115 southbound just south of the hwy 35 exit. Paul hunter has found out about the detrimental effects that ethanol was having in 2 cycle engines and notified Mika immediately, after consulting with 4 cycle tech inspector Bruce Fowler the decision was made in the best interest of the karters to switch the spec station. All classes at Mika 4 cycle and rotax will be running Esso 91 fuel. The change in spec fuel will aid MIKA when they have combined races with TRAK because they also use Esso fuels so there will be better parity when the 2 clubs join together. Also the spec station is within 10 minutes of the track. It would be a great help to everyone if people reading this release could pass on this information to their peers who might not see it. We would like to try and avoid any unnecessary disqualifications at MIKA race 8.

For more information about MIKA, please visit their website,

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