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MIKA Membership Canvassing Interest in a Briggs Senior Heavy Class

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MIKA Membership Canvassing Interest in a Briggs Senior Heavy Class

One of the major discussion points that stood out to us when we attended the Mosport International Karting Association (MIKA) annual general meeting, was the interest in creating a Briggs & Stratton Senior Heavy class at the club level. Some drivers in the Briggs Masters division don’t seem to agree with the younger drivers who cannot meet the weight required to be competitive in Briggs Senior and would prefer them to run in their own category.

It’s taken a few weeks of thinking to make my decision on this discussion, and while it has very little say in the final decision, I really don’t think it should be a topic of discussion. Dividing up two classes, not only softens the competition level but it also adds another run of races into an already overbusy race day at MIKA.

Yes, Senior Heavy was a class in the 1990’s and 2000’s, but times have changed and simply put, there are too many classes on the daily schedule as it is right now.

To me, the best thing about the Briggs 206 classes at the club levels is how big the grids are and thus how competitive it is. Wins come way too easy in so many categories these days because there simply are too many categories and options for every racer out there, so to me, it’s drivers who are having a tough time getting to the front of the grid that are the ones pushing for an alternative category for their fellow racers.

But since it’s not our decision and instead, it’s up to those who operate the club, the decision is up to you the racers. MIKA is willing to introduce a Briggs Senior Heavy category if a minimum of 12 drivers pre-register for the club season at MIKA and pre-pay for three races. The Senior Heavy class will compete at seven races, and only at the club level as a trial program. Registration forms can be found on the MIKA portion of the Mosport Kartways website, and drivers will need to reach out to with their intentions to run Senior Heavy.

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