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Introducing the Kart Racing Fantasy League

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Introducing the Kart Racing Fantasy League

The next Generation of National Level karting is just around the corner. The countdown is on to the inaugural rounds of the US Open presented by Maxspeed Entertainment. Not only is May 15-17 the weekend that The US Open begins, but it is also the launch event for the Kart Racing Fantasy League (KRFL). The what you ask? The KRFL is a fully automated, interactive, online kart racing fantasy league that will connect participating drivers to those who are following the event, throughout the weekend.

Here’s how it works. Pre-registered drivers for the US OPEN event, have the opportunity to go online to the KRFL league page and build their driver profile pages. Drivers are being researched by an old legend in the Karting world, “THE BACKMARKER, from the lore of KARTSPORT MAGAZINE from days gone by. The BACKMARKER will put drivers into either A, B, or C categories, based on their talent levels and projected abilities. (And the BACKMARKER always appreciates Moms talents too). Team owners (fantasy league players) will log onto the KRFL website at and build their teams. Team owners may select 4 A drivers, 6 B drivers and 8 C drivers to build their fantasy teams. Points will be accumulated based on the drivers finish order and points earned throughout the race weekends. KRFL play will accumulate points over the span of the 5 rounds of the US OPEN and the ROTAX US FINALS. Points will be tallied and prizes given out along the way. One lucky winner will be given the chance to be a guest of TEAM USA and attend the ROTAX GRAND FINALS later this year in Portugal.

Teams must be drafted by noon (Eastern) on Friday, May 15th, prior to the start of qualifying. Go to for more details on the KRFL. Dont miss out on this opportunity to follow your favorite drivers and play along.

KRFL League Overview:
The Kart Racing Fantasy League (KRFL) is a Fan interactive game designed to keep kart racing enthusiasts and fans involved with drivers participating in chosen events. Drivers will have the opportunity to build their Driver Profiles, trying to lure KRFL players/Team Owners to “SIGN” them onto their fantasy league teams. Drivers will be given the opportunity to directly correspond with players when signed, establishing a bond between drivers and the KRFL Team owners. KRFL team owners will be competing for prizes on both a race by race basis, as well as a season long battle, with the overall winner being awarded a trip to the 2015 Rotax Grand Finals as a special guest with TEAM USA, later in the fall. So do your research, know your drivers, and lets see how your would do as Roger Penske, when it comes to signing the best group of drivers you can.

KRFL Rules and game details
ONLY drivers who are preregistered by the stated cutoff date will be put into the driver pools. Driver pools will be established by the infamous “BackMarker”. His infinite knowledge and assessment of true driving talent will categorize drivers into one of three categories: Pool A (most likely to win), Pool B (can push the front) and Pool C (up and comers). Team owners in the KRFL will sign 4 A pool, 6 B pool and 8 C pool drivers to their team rosters. Drivers will be awarded points using the same point system used by the race event. The KRFL team owners will tally points based on how their signed team roster drivers do throughout the race weekend. The BackMarker reserves the right to move or change drivers in and out of driver pools as he see fit. At the official posted “Lock Down” time, drivers will be locked into their pools for the weekend. KRFL team owners will have until the official posted “Signing Period” ends to choose their teams. No substitutions will be allowed beyond that point. Official race points awarded for the weekend will correspond directly with KRFL points. (penalties, DQ’s bonus pts, etc) ROTAX US Grand Finals points will be detailed later, along with an optional KRFL bonus points structure. KRFL Team Owners, may sign and fire drivers at their discretion, without penalty, until the ‘Signing period’ ends. Team owners must re-sign drivers for each of the 4 race weekends included in the KRFL championship. Drivers will be re-pooled for each of the 4 KRFL race weekends. The OFFICIAL 2015 KRFL will be played over 4 event weekends consisting of the Rotax US OPEN and the Rotax US Grand Finals. Prizes and awards will be up for grabs for each event weekend, as well as the cumulative championship points race. Prizes and awards will be announced at a later time. The 4 event weekends are US OPEN Rds 1&2, US OPEN Rds 3&4, US Grand Finals, and the US OPEN Championship Round in Las Vegas.

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