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Inaugural Ontario Inter-Club Challenge Race Looks to Break Records!


Inaugural Ontario Inter-Club Challenge Race Looks to Break Records!

First event at Goodwood Kartways is set to be North America’s largest Single-Day Karting Event

The hype is real ahead of the first Ontario Inter-Club Challenge event. The karting community has begged for it for years and next weekend, the big three kart clubs (TRAK, HRKC and MIKA) have come together and will compete against each other in the first of three inter-club events this summer!

As registrations continue to roll in and Briggs racers from three of Ontario’s largest kart clubs prepare for the event at Goodwood Kartways on May 26, excitement is in the air and it very well could become the largest single-day karting event in North America.

More than 130 drivers took advantage of the three-race early-bird registration special and many more have entered the event since.

Those who still haven’t done so should get in gear and head over to to put their name on the list of what could be a record-breaking event.

Every category is expected to be large and a quick look at the current entry list highlights a number of great insights.

Briggs Cadet already features over 20 drivers with a good variety from each of the supporting kart clubs. The same can be said for Junior where over 30 drivers are entered and an additional 15 are in Junior Lite, showing the foundation of our sport is very healthy.

But the big show is continuing a trend we’re seeing across the country right now: Briggs Senior. The category is fast approaching 50 drivers already and we know there’s many more to come! It could be the largest grid of one category in Canada in decades and it is full of talented drivers we’ve been hungry to see compete against each other for the past few race seasons.

In addition, it’s great to see the numbers in Briggs Masters are the largest we’ve seen in the past five years compete in a regional event and hopefully that invites even more to come out and race.

As a reminder, VEGA Blue and VEGA Blue ‘ONT’ tires will be accepted and new tires will NOT be mandatory. Also, Ontario Inter-Club Challenge events are open to ALL racers with a valid club racing license.

There will be a new category running this weekend too as a Briggs SuperPro slots into the race day.

Briggs and Stratton Super Pro is a class created to deliver excitement on race day with a unique race format, combined with some of Canada’s most experienced and successful Senior Briggs drivers! To create this unique experience, the Ontario Inter-club Challenge has developed the following race day format to deliver a challenging race for the drivers and excitement for the race fans.

Super Pro drivers will compete in 2 sessions during each OIC race day: 

  • Session 1 – 15 minute open practice + Super Pro knockout qualifying
    • Session will start with 15 minutes of open lapping with a hot pit. Drivers can make changes to their kart in hot pit during the 15 minute time block. 
    • Qualifying will start immediately following the 15 minute open practice session (There will be a 2 minute warning before grid closes for Qualifying 1 (Q1).
    • Q1 will be 5 minutes in length – The bottom 6 drivers will be eliminated and directed to the pit lane after the checkered flag. 
    • Q2 will be 5 minutes in length – The bottom 6 drivers will be eliminated and directed to the pit lane after the checkered flag. 
    • Lap times set by the 12 drivers eliminated from Q1 and Q2 will lock the drivers in their respective positions following each session.
    • Q3 will be 5 minutes in length. The remaining drivers will compete for the pole position in Super Pro! 
    • ALL Drivers that participate in Q3 will receive 5 bonus points. The pole driver in Q3 will receive 25 points + the original 5 bonus points. 
  • Session 2 Race Final – Super Pro
    • Session length will vary at each track.
    • Race Final Session will be split into 2 stages.
    • Stage 1 will finish with a checkered flag at 50% race distance. All drivers will proceed to the Start/Finish line in position following the checkered flag and come to a complete stop in a single file line. 
    • The top 10 drivers at the end of stage 1 will receive ½ of the total points awarded in the final. All drivers will receive full points based on the 2024 POINTS CHART found on page 2 of this document. 
    • Race Winner of Stage 1 will also receive a prize pack for the victory in Stage 1. 
    • Race Winner of Stage 1 will blindly select a # chip from a bag. The # chip will have a number printed on it ranging from 0-10. The race winner from stage 1 will present the chip to the race director who will apply an adjustment to the top 10 starting order for stage 2.

Practice will be available at Goodwood Kartways on Saturday, May 25 and will need to be purchased at the track.

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