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How to Become a Karting Mechanic?

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How to Become a Karting Mechanic?

Prime Powerteam is offering the opportunity to learn from their free seminars this winter

Looking to become a karting mechanic but not sure where to start? Have a passion for motorsports and want to be a part of helping a driver become a race winner or champion? No longer racing but still want to be around the kart circuit and still make money?

Well, Prime Powerteam is going to host two seminars this winter to help those looking to get into the sport and provide them with the information and knowledge to benefit themselves and racing programs in need of help.

Led by Trevor Wickens and Kenneth O’Keefe, these seminars will train those with the motivation on how to properly support and mechanic a race kart throughout all the stages of a major race week and season.

On top of teaching people the physical-mechanical portion of the job, which includes, alignments, axle changes, engine installs, gear changes, etc, we will also instruct on the daily responsibilities, maintenance per session and per day. The importance of being organized and well scheduled. And lastly the importance of mental preparation and mental coaching to the driver.

“Over the last few years, the need for hired mechanics has grown substantially within Ontario. The biggest issue is that the pool of mechanics has shrunk as the generation has moved on in their lives. The purpose of the seminars is to take people who are genuinely interested and motivated and teach them the job and what it entails.”

“For sure the majority of people can get away with supporting a driver for a day at the track, but there is so much more that is required, from proper maintenance to what to look for day after day to avoid future problems and ensure your driver stays on track.”

As the number of racers getting into the sport of karting grows, the need for mechanics is also expanding. We are seeing a shift in how the industry wants to be serviced and this is creating opportunities for those wanting to stay within the sport after their driving days are done.

“Our expectation isn’t to pull ‘the best of the best’ but train our future kart mechanics to be proficient and hopefully one day become considered among the best. This all comes with dedication and passion for karting.”

The best part about these seminars? They are free to those who are interested. Simply sign up with Prime Powerteam, select which date works best for you, and show up ready to learn.

“Being a kart mechanic can be quite lucrative. Good mechanics can make more in two race events than their friends at home can make in a month of full-time work.”

The seminars will take place on the last two Sundays of February. Given the chance of COVID restrictions, space may be limited so those interested should inquire early.

To download the Mechanic Training Seminar Application, click here.

To learn more, reach out to Trevor Wickens by email at

Please note: These are not seminars to educate drivers and parents on kart racing mechanics. These seminars are meant to train mechanics with the purpose of becoming professional kart mechanics.

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