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Prime Pair Split the Briggs Senior Wins on Home Circuit


Prime Pair Split the Briggs Senior Wins on Home Circuit

Tackling their home track for the third round of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship, Prime Powerteam drivers controlled the Briggs Senior division all weekend long.

On Saturday it was Logan Pacza (BirelART) setting the pace in Qualifying, but when it came to the races, David Barnes (BirelART) took control.

A pack of five emerged in the final led by Barnes, with Jon Treadwell (BirelART), Logan Ploder (CL Kart), Pacza and Jordan Prior (BirelART) in tow.

The lead pack was pretty calm and collected, working together to break free from the pack until lap eleven when disaster struck. Pacza had made his way up to second place and exiting the final corner, his chain broke. Pulling to the inside, it appeared he was making a move for the lead so the pack followed him, only to realize he was slowing.

This allowed Barnes to open a big gap while the rest scrambled around Pacza.

Recollecting themselves, it took ten more laps before the pack, led by Treadwell and Prior, was able to close up to Barnes. However, the pair traded the position in the closing laps and before they knew it, the last lap board was out and Barnes was out of reach.

Scoring another MRFKC win on home turf, Barnes was the victor ahead of Treadwell and Prior. Ploder lost the draft late and had to settle fourth while Alex Murphy (CL Kart) drove from the rear of the starting to grid to finish fifth, posting the fastest lap in the process.

Pacza came for his revenge on Sunday but this time Prior led the charge after a nice PreFinal win.

A three-kart Prime trio emerged early on featuring Prior, Barnes and Pacza and they worked together early on to race away from the rest.

Shortly after the halfway mark, Pacza made a pass on Barnes around the long sweeping corners one and two and he stuck it into corner three. Barnes tried to come back underneath in corner four but he couldn’t make it stick and Pacza got the better run off the corner and stuck to the bumper of Prior while Barnes slipped back.

Glued to Prior, Pacza did everything he could to keep a gap on the Saturday race winner and it worked, as Barnes just wasn’t able to close that gap in the late laps.

Prior defended the final two laps well and presented Pacza no opportunities to pass, securing his third race win of the season and extending his championship lead in the process.

Pacza settled for second while Barnes completed the podium. Ploder was fourth for the second day in a row while Jeremy Vaillancourt (BirelART) scored fifth after Murphy had a pushback bumper penalty push him down the finishing order.

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