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Jacob Goertz Takes Big Gamble; Scores Big

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Jacob Goertz Takes Big Gamble; Scores Big

With the Rotax Junior drivers being called to the grid, it was a mixed bag as to who was on what tire. Some were on rains, while others predicted it would stay dry and kept their slicks. With the rain lightening up as the Micro-Max race finished, everyone but Jacob Goertz (Vemme Kart) made the decision to keep with slicks.

However as the class took to the track for their warm-up lap, the rain began to fall, causing issues just getting formed up. However, things got rolling, Parker Thompson (Apollo Motorsports/TonyKart) led the way through turn one, until he missed his braking point for turn three and he ended up in the tire barriers. This allowed Matthew Moniz (Vemme Kart) to take out an early lead with Zachary Scalzo (GBR/LH Kart) in tow. The two would battle away, until Scalzo spun with the rain really beginning to wreak havoc. Utilizing his rain tire selection, Goertz quickly began to track down Moniz and then pull a significant gap, while the rest just struggled to stay on track.

At the line, Goertz scored a 46-second victory, lapping everyone except Moniz, while Thompson rebounded to finish third, passing Scalzo on the final lap.

Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN

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