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Heacock Conquers 40+ Kart Briggs Senior Showdown


Heacock Conquers 40+ Kart Briggs Senior Showdown

There wasn’t an inch of space along the fences of the Mosport Karting Centre facility for the final race of the day at the MIKA Canada Day Cup. Starting the day with a whopping 47 entrants, Briggs Senior was the showcase for the day and a great way to cap off a successful Canada Day celebration of racing.

In typical Briggs Senior style, the action throughout the field was intense, but up front the leaders broke free and waited until the end to settle the score.

From the pole-position, Jordan Prior (BirelART) was the early race leader, followed by his Prime teammate Jon Treadwell (BirelART) and Maddox Heacock (Awesome Kart), while Adam Ali (Kosmic) led the next group of drivers just waiting for an opportunity to join the leaders.

Treadwell went to the lead at halfway with a push from Heacock and that sent Prior back to third and eventually he would fall out of the lead draft. This left two and Heacock waited until the final lap.

Treadwell defended perfectly up the hill, back down the hill, up to the bowl and into the final complex of corners. Instead of making a big lunge into one of the final three corners, Heacock opted for a clean run through the last corner and got a great run. Drag-racing down to the finish line, with just a little more momentum Heacock got up alongside Treadwell at the line.

Crossing a mere 0.020 seconds ahead, Heacock pulled off the win and got to celebrate with the checkered flag.

Adam Ali wound up third, just back of the lead two, while David Barnes (BirelART) and Jake Cowden (Awesome Kart) completed the top-five as all three worked by the early leader Prior.

MIKA Canada Cup Briggs Senior Final Results

  1. Maddox Heacock
  2. Jon Treadwell
  3. Adam Ali
  4. David Barnes
  5. Jake Cowden
  6. Jordan Prior
  7. Ari Korkodilos
  8. Avery Miller
  9. Lily Flintoff
  10. Daniel Ali
  11. Alex Murphy
  12. Steven Navratil
  13. Logan Ploder
  14. Anthony Quezada
  15. Brennan Taylor
  16. Jeremy Vaillancourt
  17. Mackenzie Milwain
  18. Anthony Boscia
  19. Jayden Elphage
  20. Nate Franco
  21. Matthew Jones
  22. Tyler Frier
  23. Sebastian Franco
  24. Mackenzie Matthews
  25. Hudson Hamelin
  26. Nathan Powell
  27. Own Yealland
  28. Tyson Wassink
  29. Johnny Mombourquette
  30. Peter Guatto
  31. Jarvis Noon
  32. Eric Bos
  33. Kevin May
  34. Max Evans
  35. Tawfiq Najjar
  36. Parker Gill
  37. Toby Houston
  38. William Jones
  39. Jesse Di Marco
  40. David Donskoy
  41. JD Savaglio
  42. Kimi Hongye He (DNF)
  43. Kaitlyn Freier (DNF)
  44. Shawn Knowlton (DNF)

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