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Greco Persevering Through 2018 Season of Highs and Lows

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Greco Persevering Through 2018 Season of Highs and Lows

Davide Greco has been a force in 2018. After getting up to speed at the Florida Winter Tour, Greco came home to Canada and shined. Out the gates, the Ontario-based was scoring race victories in the Coupe de Montreal and APKLQ.

When the first round of the new Pfaff Kartsport Cup came around at Goodwood Kartways, Greco put his name into the hat and dominated both Finals, winning in style.

His first big test came at the US Open of New Jersey where Greco would contend for a ticket to the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. It was also an event he won the year prior and expectations were nothing less than a victory.

The weekend got off to a great start and he was out front and in cruise control through Qualifying and the Heat Races. Then it began to fall apart. Battling hard in the PreFinal with his teammate saw Greco punted off track. Suddenly his weekend took a turn and he was now starting the Final from the tail of the grid. Unable to overcome the challenge, Greco could only wonder what could have been after the weekend.

Back in Canada, more race wins accumulated in Quebec as he went wherever his PSL Karting Team went. By mid-summer, it was time for the ASN Canadian Karting Championships at Mosport and another chance for Greco to win a ticket to join Team Canada, this time for the Rok Cup International Final. Since he missed the second stop of the Pfaff Kartsport Cup to race in New Jersey, Greco needed a race victory to punch a ticket to Italy.

And once again he was on top through Qualifying and the heat races. Rain or shine, Greco was the fastest and it all came down to Sunday’s Final. A bit of a slow start off the line allowed his competitors to surround him in the dash to turn one and before he could even apex the first corner, Greco was spun around backwards off the nosecone of another driver and again, heartbreak settled in as he didn’t even stand on the Championship podium.

Discouraged but not fully out of it, Greco had one final chance to secure a birth on Team Canada and it came in the province of Quebec, where he had been unbeaten all year long. It was the Rotax Canadian Open and he had a handful of competitive international drivers to handle.

This time there was nothing stopping him and after battling through intense heat races and unbelievable wet weather on the final day, Greco delivered the major victory he had been chasing all year long, securing himself an entry to the Rotax Grand Finals in Brazil.

But before he gets to Brazil, Greco is off to Las Vegas, Nevada for Rok the Rio. He will go to battle against the largest grid of shifter karts he’s seen this season and it will be a great test before Brazil, where the competition level will be on par.

Davide Greco (Photo by: Cody Schindel / CKN)

Just before he departed for the city that never sleeps, we asked Greco a few questions about his season so far.

What pushed you to race the full season in Quebec.

“I always find Quebec to be an extremely inviting location to race. I will admit that the travel time is long each time you head out there to race, but the people and getting into a Shifter kart was well worth the drive. In addition, it is the only other place I can get consistent seat time, alongside other shifter drivers.”

Describe your relationship with PSL Karting. What helps you work so well with them?

“I consider PSL Karting my extended family and I love working with all of their mechanics and staff. I am blessed to work with people who know what I want and are willing to work with me to achieve a common goal. Dominic Labrecque plays a crucial part in my relationship with PSL. He’s been very accommodating and a major part of our success as a team.”

After heartbreaks at the US Open and the Canadian Championships, how did it feel to finally secure a major victory at the Canadian Open? Did you approach the weekend any different?

“Securing a victory at the Canadian Open was exhilarating. After being nearly undefeated all season, it was quite a relief to finally secure a spot on Team Canada for the 2018 Rotax Grand Finals. My approach to the weekend has been the exact same as I approach every race weekend. This allows me to stay focused on my season objectives and goals. The goal, like every event, is to come out on top and finish each session to the best of my ability. Throughout this season, I have been at the top of my game in each event and both of the heartbreaking results were out of my control.”

You will represent Team Canada at the Rotax Grand Finals in Brazil. First, how does that make you feel to be a part of such a historic Canadian team? Second, what have you done to prepare for the race?

“Being part of Team Canada at the Rotax Grand Finals has always been one of my goals. I’ve been fortunate to represent Canada in back to back years now. Representing Team Canada makes me proud to showcase the talent of Canadians in the karting world. I regard this major event as the ‘Olympics of Karting’ and I want to make my country proud! Most recently I competed and won the championship in the Coupe de Montreal, Quebec Cup, and APKLQ, which gave me valuable track time before participating in big events.”

Next week you travel to Las Vegas for the Rok the Rio. The last time you raced in Vegas you nearly won. What motivates you to push so hard at the highest calibre of events you compete at?

“I am super excited to be participating in the Rok the Rio in Las Vegas. It was bittersweet the last time I was there because the win was so close. When I look back at that race, the best part of it was racing alongside Robert Wickens which was definitely a highlight of my racing career. He is an inspiration to me, and I am grateful to have shared the podium with Robert! I am constantly motivated by the great talent in the karting world and being able to compete at major events like Rok the Rio. When I know that I am competing with the best of the best, it pushes me to aspire to be just as successful and ultimately win.”

You can follow Greco and all of the Canadian drivers competing in Las Vegas on CKN as we will be trackside to cover the event from start to finish.

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