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Greco Notches Another Shifter Win


Greco Notches Another Shifter Win

Jump start penalty relegates initial race winner Ouellette back to third

Davide Greco stood atop the podium once again, this time at the Canadian Open in Mont-Tremblant.

After taking the SuperPole on Friday, Greco battled some adversity in the heat races but still managed to earn a front row starting spot for Sunday’s Final.

Grabbing the hole shot, Greco (PSL/BirelART) quickly jumped out to an early lead and looked to be off to the races for another big win. That is until Pier-Luc Ouellette (TAG/CRG) started to close the gap.

Starting fifth on the grid after he broke the nut off the kingpin in the PreFinal but still managed to hold on to the finish, Ouellette was quickly up to third. At the halfway mark, he chased down and passed Nathan Gilbert (SH/SodiKart) for second place and then set his sights on Greco.

Three laps later he was on the rear bumper and wasted no time going for a pass to get the lead.

Instantly pulling away from Greco, the early race leader had nothing for Ouellette and three laps later the CRG racer crossed the finish line with a nice gap back to second place. Gilbert was a little further back in third while Jeffrey Petriello (TAG/CRG) fought off a late surge from Jared Ramnarayan (PRO/CL Kart) to hold onto his fourth place.

But at the scale line Ouellette was informed that he jumped the standing start and received a three-second penalty, knocking him back to third behind Greco and Gilbert.

With four different categories of shifter taking to the track at the same time, Dominic Legrand (BirelART) scored the Open Shifter win, Alexandre Gauthier (CRT/BirelART) took the Open Shifter Masters top honours and Dominic St Cyr (BirelART) took the M1 Shifter win.

Canadian Open Shifter Senior/Masters Final Results

1Davide Greco
2Nathan Gilbert1.030
3Pier Luc Ouellette1.658
4Jeffrey Petriello7.322
5Jared Ramnarayan7.725
6Adrien Raoult9.453
7Dominic Legrand12.716
8Alexandre Gauthier14.762
9Andrew Maciel15.512
10Ryan Monteiro15.850
11Charles Gauthier22.019
12Dominic St Cyr24.235
13Michel Legrand26.884
14Ayden Almeida26.941
15Francesco Vassallo31.738
16Andres Ponce32.280
17Frederic Simard32.544
18Patrick Dussault33.340
19Michael Riccio33.890
20Victor Smialek2 laps
21Rino Cheville11 laps
22Michel Goulet14 laps
23Jean Frederic Laberge15 laps
24Alex TaglianiDQ

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