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Great Showdowns in Briggs Junior and Masters


Great Showdowns in Briggs Junior and Masters

In a head-to-head late-race battle, Callum Baxter (Kosmic) came out on top in the Briggs Junior Final of the MIKA Canada Day Cup, holding off Jordan West (BirelART).

With a great push from his Prime teammate Mitchell Morrow (BirelART), West jumped out to the early lead as Baxter slipped back to third on the opening lap.

Making sure the teammates didn’t stay together too long, Baxter moved into second but it allowed West to open up a small lead.

With no drafting partner, the chasing pack quickly closed back in on the leader and Baxter didn’t wait, taking the lead on lap four.

West fought back and regained the lead on lap six and at the same time, Ethan Bound (CL Kart) moved past Morrow for third.

With a gap back to third, Baxter didn’t sit back too long and retook the lead on lap nine. West settled in on his bumper from there, waiting until the final lap. He looked, he tried, and he tried again, but Baxter controlled the lead and never relinquished it until the finish line to take the win.

On the final lap, Morrow worked his way by Bound to work his way onto the podium with Christian Savaglio (Kosmic) taking fifth.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Briggs Junior Final Results

  1. Callum Baxter
  2. Jordan West
  3. Mitchell Morrow
  4. Ethan Bound
  5. Christian Savaglio
  6. Joseph Launi
  7. Elias McKenzie
  8. Michael Ing
  9. Caden Drummond
  10. Noah Taylor
  11. Ethan Donkers
  12. William Maccormack
  13. Jaden Harry
  14. Carson Bartlett
  15. Nolan Hofrichter
  16. Johnathan Petrone
  17. Frankie Savaglio
  18. Noah Van Straten
  19. Scotty Watkins
  20. Aidan Shimbashi
  21. Ethan Miguel

In another classic Briggs Masters race, we didn’t have to wait until the final lap for the action to pick up.

Early race leader David Miller (TonyKart) had Marc Stehle (Ricciardo Kart) and Eli Yanko (TonyKart) for company, with Stehle ensuring the teammates didn’t get together.

Stehle made a move for the lead at halfway with Yanko helping push him past Miller and then making his own move for the lead before the lap was complete.

From there, Yanko and Stehle traded the top spot for the final three laps as both wanted to be in front when the final lap sign was shown.

Yanko was the first to the sign and defended well through the first sector. Stehle snuck up alongside exiting the hairpin, with the two trading rubber, but Miller pushed his VSR teammate back up the hill to help Yanko keep the lead. Stehle fought off Miller before the bowl, but it allowed Yanko to get away and the victory was sealed a few corners later.

An exciting battle for fourth saw Jamie MacArthur (TNT Kart) work by Dan Skilton (Awesome Kart) on the lap for the position.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Briggs Masters Final Results

  1. Eli Yanko
  2. Marc Stehle
  3. David Miller
  4. Jamie MacArthur
  5. Dan Skilton
  6. Stephen Goebel
  7. Iam Macintyre
  8. Greg Scollard
  9. Alex Savaglio
  10. Rich Folino
  11. Jason Rothman
  12. Levon Beaudin
  13. Logan Ferguson
  14. Steve Lyons
  15. Damian D’Ornellas
  16. Randy Sorochan
  17. Brad Shimbashi
  18. Max Haverkate (DNF)
  19. Dana Kangas (DNF)
  20. Peter Courteau (DNF)

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