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Goldie Dominates Junior Briggs at Cup Karts


Goldie Dominates Junior Briggs at Cup Karts

Consistency helps steer Juverdianu to the championship

It may have been a new series at Goodwood Kartways but it was a familiar helmet atop the podium in Junior Briggs as Gavin Goldie steered his way to a double victory at the Cup Karts Canada championship finale.

It wasn’t easy on Saturday as Goldie (Intrepid Kart) had to handle the speedy Joey Lecce (BirelART) and Elijah Joshi (Intrepid Kart). Lecce stormed to the pole position in Qualifying, but Goldie and Joshi prevailed in the heat races.

Joshi was in control on the Final early, while Goldie ran second. Lecce and Branco Juverdianu (BirelART) traded third and fourth place early on. As the battling heated up, Ivana Tchiplakova (Intrepid Kart) joined in to make it a five-kart battle for the lead.

Lecce pulled off back-to-back passes on laps nine and ten to move into the lead as Joshi slipped back to fourth. A lap later Goldie made his move for the lead but as the pair received the last lap board, Lecce slipped back underneath in corner one. Side-by-side the pair went deep into corner four where Goldie emerge as the leader.

Fending off the challenge from there, Goldie made it to the finish line first followed closely by Lecce. Tchiplakova held off Joshi as well on the final lap to put herself on the podium while Nathan Dupuis (Intrepid Kart) rounded out the top five.

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Junior Saturday Final Results

1Gavin Goldie
2Joey Lecce0.148
3Ivana Tchiplakova0.598
4Elijah Joshi0.813
5Nathan Dupuis2.857
6Branco Juverdianu3.113
7Henry Brown3.902
8Ryder Hare4.792
9Declan Black5.412
10John Wade5.977
11Tyler Desrosiers6.205
12Charles Olivier-Dionne8.187
13Noah Sutchy11.940
14Ethan Lowther12.496

With a wet race track on Sunday, Dupuis put his kart on the pole position in Qualifying and scored the first heat race win too but when it got serious, Goldie was back in the race for the top spot.

Starting the Final from the pole, Goldie had Ryder Hare (Kosmic Kart) on his outside. The inside line got a great jump and Hare did his best to hold on after he had two wheels in the grass before even getting to corner one.

Joshi moved into the lead on lap two but Goldie came right back at him on lap three to regain the top spot. While still on rain tires, the track was slowly drying up and the very slick conditions were a handful for all the drivers.

Lecce joined in the battle for the lead with four laps to go and he made his move to get ahead on lap nine. But once again, Goldie came right back and regained the lead, this time for good.

Behind the lead pair, Dupuis was doing everything he could to hold off Hare, who had to recover from sixth place on lap one.

A great battle on the final lap saw Hare gain the final podium spot at the finish line as Goldie pulled a small gap in the closing laps on Lecce to take the win and the weekend sweep.

In the race for the championship, Juverdianu just narrowly stayed ahead of Hare and American racer John Wade. With his title, Juverdianu will represent the Cup Karts Canada Division at the Cup Karts Grand Nationals in New Castle, Indiana this fall.

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Junior Sunday Final Results

1Gavin Goldie
2Joey Lecce0.678
3Ryder Hare5.419
4Nathan Dupuis5.664
5Branco Juverdianu6.354
6Elijah Joshi6.749
7Noah Sutchy6.939
8Charles Olivier Dionne13.134
9Ethan Lowther13.711
10John Wade14.270
11Tyler Desrosiers15.750
12Declan Black27.362
13Henry BrownDNF
14Ivana TchiplakovaDNF

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