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Flawless Day for Keaton Pipe in Briggs Cadet; Big Result for Sebastian Day in Junior Lite


Flawless Day for Keaton Pipe in Briggs Cadet; Big Result for Sebastian Day in Junior Lite

Sixteen young racers lined up to compete in Briggs Cadet at the MIKA Canada Day Cup and put on a great show to kick off the Finals at the Mosport Karting Centre.

Displaying a great performance to sweep all three competitive sessions throughout the day was Keaton Pipe (TonyKart).

He had his hands full as Ethan Chan (Intrepid) was the only driver to overtake Pipe throughout the day, but after twelve hard-fought laps, Pipe was victorious by almost half a second at the finish line.

Taking third was Jackson Pearsall (CL Kart), who climbed up five spots in the Final. Matthew Roach (BirelART) and Hudson Urlin (Intrepid) had an exciting battle with Wesley Donkers (TonyKart) to see who would finish fourth, with Roach getting the position.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Briggs Cadet Final Results

  1. Keaton Pipe
  2. Ethan Chan
  3. Jackson Pearsall
  4. Matthew Roach
  5. Hudson Urlin
  6. Wesley Donkers
  7. Cole Morgan
  8. Kara Dudgeon
  9. Sloan Sterling
  10. Crosby Mercer
  11. Owen Soloman
  12. Ayden Sierra
  13. Christian Damianidis
  14. Ryan Donkers
  15. Ryan Morgan
  16. Ryan Sierra

One of the biggest classes to grow at Mosport over the off-season, it was great to see eleven Briggs Junior Lite’s roll off the grid.

Ryder Hare (Kosmic) led the field to the green flag but he had Anthony Martella (CL Kart) hot on his heels, along with Ethan Sikma (CL Kart) and Sebastian Day (CL Kart).

The action began early as lap three saw a change for the lead going up the turn two hill. The passing among the front-four continued down into the hairpin, back up the hill and into the bowl. Sadly, contact sent Hare and Martella off track. Day snuck through to grab the lead, followed by Sikma.

It went from bad to worse for Martella, as more contact in corner one on the next lap spun him around and ended his race early. At the same time, Sikma took the lead from Day.

The race settled down from there. Day regained the lead on lap ten and then held on to the finish to capture the victory over Sikma.

Quietly, Logan McMurray (CL Kart) held the third position for the second half of the race and earned a nice podium result while Hare recovered to finish fourth. Muskaan Sattaur (Intrepid) completed the top-five.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Briggs Junior Lite Final Results

  1. Sebastian Day
  2. Ethan Sikma
  3. Logan McMurray
  4. Ryder Hare
  5. Muskaan Sattaur
  6. Kyle Davis
  7. Ameila Chandler
  8. Madelyn Snow
  9. Nolan Colley
  10. Ryder Brown
  11. Anthony Martella

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