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Excellent Prelude to Rok Senior Season; Lowe Takes First Win in Rok Shifter


Excellent Prelude to Rok Senior Season; Lowe Takes First Win in Rok Shifter

We are gearing up for a very exciting season of Rok Senior competition in the region this summer and on Thursday we got a great taste for what is to come.

Coming away with the victory was the defending champion Patrick Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART), but it was no easy feat.

Early on, Ryan MacDermid (REM/Kosmic) was all over the pole-sitter and grabbed the lead on the opening lap. But before it was even completed, Woods-Toth dove up the inside of the final section of the lap. Neither driver gave up an inch and it ended worse for MacDermid as he fell down to tenth, while Woods somehow managed to keep the lead.

The next pressure came from Dale Curran (PRO/CL Kart) and Gianluca Savaglio (PRO/CL Kart). The pair kept Woods-Toth on his toes, with Curran even slotting into the lead on lap five.

Also in the mix early was Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed), Andrew Maciel (VSR/TonyKart), Daniel Ali (REM/Kosmic) and Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic).

The pressure up front continued and Woods-Toth pulled off another great late-braking pass on Curran to regain the lead with three laps to go, this time for good.

He crossed the finish line a half-second ahead of Curran, with Savaglio fading back in the final laps but still holding third. Adam Ali was fourth while MacDermid recovered to fifth.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Rok Senior Final Results:

  1. Patrick Woods-Toth
  2. Dale Curran
  3. Gianluca Savaglio
  4. Adam Ali
  5. Ryan MacDermid
  6. Robert Soroka
  7. Matthew Miles
  8. Jacob Miles
  9. Marco Filice
  10. Brady Clapham
  11. Khloe Drummond
  12. Cruz Formusa
  13. Owyn Thomas
  14. Sean Relf
  15. Isaak Nura-Gordana
  16. Anthony Boscia
  17. Tawfiq Najjar
  18. Alec Drummond (DNF)
  19. Daniel Ali (DNF)
  20. Andrew Maciel (DNF)
  21. Santino Fossati (DNF)

Eight drivers gridded up for the standing start in Rok Shifter on Thursday as the first stop of the Versace Shifter championship got underway. Sadly, two drivers only made it to the start line as a false start claimed Dean Cotton and Victor Smialek before their races could even get going.

Leading from flag to flag was Eamon Lowe (Raceworx/CRG), who has shifted from Rok Senior to Shifter competition this season. He was a little slow off the starting line, but very quick after and went unchallenged to the race win.

His teammate Ryan Monteiro (Raceworx/CRG) came home second, while the battle for third was exciting all race long.

Andrew Maciel (VSR/TonyKart) eventually scored the position after trading positions with Nicky Palladino (VSR/Kosmic) and Jared Ramnarayan (PRO/BirelART) all race long. The trio raced clean but wasted no passing opportunities when they were presented.

MIKA Canada Day Cup Rok Shifter Final Results

  1. Eamon Lowe
  2. Ryan Monteiro
  3. Andrew Maciel
  4. Nicky Palladino
  5. Jared Ramnarayan
  6. Nicholas Scarfo
  7. Victor Smialek
  8. Dean Cotton

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