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Esposito Rebounds in Rok Junior; Wade Wins in Mini Rok


Esposito Rebounds in Rok Junior; Wade Wins in Mini Rok

After a few mishaps in his Prefinal that included spinning out in the hairpin, Frankie Esposito (Prime/BirelART) drove from last to first in the Rok Junior Final of the MIKA Canada Cup to score the win.

Some early race juggling upfront between Callum Baxter (REM/Kosmic), Marcello Paniccia (PRO/CL Kart) and Joseph Launi (Powerhouse/RS Kart) allowed Esposito to stay close with the leaders and pounce when the opportunities arose.

Getting to the lead on lap seven of fifteen, he opened up a nice gap when Paniccia and Baxter continued to battle. Once Baxter finally dismissed Paniccia, it was too little, too late.

Esposito put the icing on the cake, posting the fastest lap of the race with two laps to go.

Baxter and Paniccia maintained the podium positions, while Launi and Ryan Maxwell (Prime/BirelART) rounded the top-five.

MIKA Canada Cup Rok Junior Final Results

  1. Frankie Esposito
  2. Callum Baxter
  3. Marcello Paniccia
  4. Joseph Launi
  5. Ryan Maxwell
  6. Christian Menezes
  7. Logan Pacza
  8. Anthony Raducanoiu
  9. Ayden Lanigan
  10. Lexi Kert

From the pole position, Pearce Wade (Prime/BirelART) had a rough start and slipped back to fifth on the opening lap of the Mini Rok Final and had to claw his way back.

Taking the early advantage was Mayer Deonarine (Exprit) followed closely by Jackson Pearsall (Pro-Shake n Bake/CL Kart), Major Makovskis (Pro/CL Kart) and Savio Paniccia (Pro/CL Kart).

Wade didn’t take long to get back into third, slipping by Paniccia on lap two and Makovskis on lap three, but the lead pair had built up a small gap.

That gap closed quick on lap seven when Pearsall dove up the inside of Deonarine in the hairpin. Contact was made and Wade slipped by both. Deonarine made contact with the barrier and sadly, that ended his race early, while Pearsall fell to fourth.

It was smooth sailing from there for Wade, scoring the win and fastest lap. In the battle for second, Paniccia and Makovskis both overtook Pearsall on the final lap to secure podium spots, while Aiden McMillan (KGR/Exprit) finished in fifth.

MIKA Canada Cup Rok Mini Final Results

  1. Pearce Wade
  2. Savio Paniccia
  3. Major Makovskis
  4. Jackson Pearsall
  5. Aiden McMillan
  6. Decklan Dionarine
  7. Matthew Roach
  8. Nicholas Lorusso
  9. Massimo Lorusso
  10. Hudson Urlin
  11. Mayer Deonarine

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