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Elvis Stojko Enjoys a Very Successful Karts to Cars Test with Blanchet Motorsports

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

Elvis Stojko Enjoys a Very Successful Karts to Cars Test with Blanchet Motorsports

Last Wednesday, the second annual CKN Karts to Cars Test with Blanchet Motorsports hit the track at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park as part of the final lapping day of the season for 6th Gear Racing. Earning the opportunity to trade in his go-kart for a day and jump into a Blanchet Motorsports Honda Civic Si Touring Car was Rotax DD2 Masters driver Elvis Stojko after impressing the CKN panel throughout the 2014 racing season.

The day started of with Elvis doing a few installation laps as he wanted to get a feel for the car and the track. Before lunch, he would go out for two more sessions, continuing to improve his pace and settle himself in the car.

After an impressive lunch prepared by the 6th Gear staff, Elvis was joined on track by team owner Frank Blanchet and he would help Elvis find the right racing line as well as a showing the braking points on track. This really helped Elvis as his lap times began to drop significantly.

Next up was the mock qualifying session as the team bolted on a set of sticker tires provided by Martin Cousineau of Continental Tires. Stojko was on track for fifteen minutes posting lap times in the 1:38’s throughout the session. Elvis would come in the pits and the team adjusted the tire pressures and added fuel into the car for the final simulation of the day.


Stojko (r) discusses after a session with Frank Blanchet (cr), Damon Sharpe (cl) and Ryan Blanchet (l) – Photos by: Neelan Nadesan/CKN

Stojko went out for the simulation and impressed the team with the consistent lap times throughout the session and how he nurtured the tires. Both Blanchet Motorsports drivers Damon Sharpe and Stu Clark were on hand for the test and both noted how well Stojko drove through the corners. Capping off the session and his day, Stojko blistered off a lap time that was two seconds quicker than his qualifying time on his final tour of the circuit.

Elvis Stojko, CKN Karts to Cars Test Winner:
“I was pretty calm at the beginning of the day and I wanted to build very slowly at first and get a feel of the car.  I felt like a sponge taking everything in and there was a moment today when everything ‘clicked’ and my times dropped quickly. Going from karts to cars is quite different but by the end of the day I had lots to compare to and I felt very comfortable.  The day for me went really, really well and knowing that Frank Blanchet and the team would like to have me race next year is a great confidence boost.  The whole team was fantastic and I am grateful for the opportunity. Looking forward to the next phase of racing.”

Frank Blanchet, Blanchet Motorsports Team Owner:
“What a great day at CTMP with 3-time World Figure Skating Champion Elvis Stojko and the Blanchet Motorsports team. Today we had our second Karts to Cars program with Elvis behind the wheel of one of our Honda Civic Si cars. Canadian Karting News awarded this years winner of our test day program to Elvis after he had a very good season karting in both Ontario and Quebec. These days are so much fun and relaxing at the track. Elvis did a great job even though he has never been in a car like this before. He took the start of the day easy and worked up to his best lap times in his simulated race. A very respectable lap time of 1:36.6 for the day. With some more seat time he will only get better. Last year’s winner of our first Karts to Cars program Stuart Clark and our own 2-time Canadian Touring Class Champion Damon Sharpe were out to support Elvis. Thanks to Martin Cousineau who attended of Continental Tires and BG Performance fuels for their support. John Bondar, owner of the CTCC series that we have been racing in was out to check out the possibility of a new star who may join the racing series in a short time. Thanks to my team for taking some time off and helping make this a successful day.”

Finally we would like to thank Max DeAngelis and Juliana Chiovitti for organizing the test with 6th Gear Racing on their final track day of the year and at the same time we would like to congratulate 6th Gear Racing on their 10th anniversary.


Stojko at speed in the Blanchet Motorsports CTCC Honda Civic Si (Photo by: Ryan Blanchet/Blanchet Motorsports)


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