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Double Victory for Di Leo Seals Cup Karts Canada Championship


Double Victory for Di Leo Seals Cup Karts Canada Championship

Four victories in four races earned Jordan Di Leo the Cup Karts Canada Division Briggs Junior Lite Championship after a weekend of domination at Goodwood Kartways.

After taking the points lead last month at the opening round in Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Di Leo (Intrepid Kart) returned to his home track for the championship finale looking to close out the title race.

He did just that, tackling hot and sticky conditions on Saturday along with a wet and slippery racing surface on Sunday.

Saturday it was a three-kart battle at the top as Leoluca DiCarlo (Intrepid) and Ethan Chan (Intrepid Kart) were right in the mix.

As the laps wound down, Di Carlo passed Di Leo a number of times, but Di Leo would counter the move on the following lap each time. With two laps to go, DiCarlo was hung on the outside on corner five and was left to battle with Chan for second place as Di Leo snuck away.

While DiCarlo would cross the finish line in second place, just behind Di Leo, he was relegated back to third place after making contact with Chan when he passed him on the final lap.

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Junior Lite Saturday Final Results

1Jordan Di Leo
2Ethan Chan1.095
3LeoLuca DiCarlo0.157
4Oliver Rayoff-Pearce6.966
5Leticia Moskalenko7.053
6Christopher Papakonstantinou7.925
7Stefano Rea8.179
8Brenner Lilleberg12.821
9Audrey Dudarev14.356
10Ramon Doria14.652
11Tyler Schuck15.394
12Miggy Montano18.394
13Jayden Cheung22.908
14Michael Petti25.493
15James LawsonDNF
16Alex PettiDNF

In the wet weather conditions, it was only DiCarlo and Di Leo duking it out for the win and it came right down to the finish line.

After trading the lead a number of times, it was a back and forth race for the win on the final lap. DiCarlo tried everything on that final lap and with a good run up the hill to the final corner the two were almost wheel to wheel. Coming over the hump, DiCarlo climbed up the back of Di Leo and lost all his momentum just before the finish line.

Di Leo scored the win and completed the unbeaten Cup Karts season to become champion while Di Carlo wound up second. More than five seconds adrift, Chan crossed in third.

Cup Karts Canada Briggs Junior Lite Sunday Final Results

1Jordan Di Leo
2LeoLuca DiCarlo0.146
3Ethan Chan5.632
4Christopher Papakonstantinou8.305
5Leticia Moskalenko8.435
6Miggy Montano28.990
7Brenner Lilleberg37.390
8Stefano Rea42.762
9Tyler Schuck43.062
10Jayden Cheung1 lap

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