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What We Know About Tire Changes in Canada for 2017

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What We Know About Tire Changes in Canada for 2017

With the news that MAXSpeed Entertainment will transition to a new tire program for 2017 for their Rotax Max Challenge events, there has been plenty of speculation and curiosity regarding what Canada will do and if we will follow suit.

Following up with some our industry leaders we can confirm that for 2017, the VEGA Blue ‘ONT’ tire will still be utilized by the karting clubs in Ontario and imported by Goodwood Kartways. There is no plan in place for this to change at the club level.

In a message from Michel Boisclair of SRA Karting, a decision about which tire the Rotax Max Challenge competitions in Canada will use is expected following the US Open of Las Vegas race next week. We expect this decision will be for all National level competitions including the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, Coupe de Montreal and ASN Canadian National Karting Championships.

More to come as we hear it.

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