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Coupe du Quebec: Alvarez Triumphs in Mini-Max; Nepveu wins Micro-Max

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Coupe du Quebec: Alvarez Triumphs in Mini-Max; Nepveu wins Micro-Max

In the two young divisions this weekend, there were a few new faces on track and spicing up the competition.

In Mini-Max, Mexican Sebastien Alvarez (PSL/CRG) was making the first Canadian start of his young career and he didn’t disappoint. He challenged points leader and teammate Alexandre Legare (PSL/CRG) for the top spot through the practice sessions and in the races.

The two waged an exciting battle in the Prefinal with Alvarez holding the top spot. The battle continued in the Final but the Mexican was just too much for Legare and he would eventually pull away to a 2.8 second victory.

Behind the front two, a great battle between four karts was waged for the final podium position. Continuing to impress this season, Xavier Dorsnie (KMS/Birel) was able to overcome his competition and snag the final step on the podium away from him teammate William Chayer (KMS/Birel). Esteban Munoz (Tecno), Marc-Andre Poirier (Zanardi) and Vincent Berthiaume (Zanardi) rounded out the results.

In Micro-Max Thomas Nepveu (SHR/FA Kart) appeared to be en route to his third victory in as many races. The youngster held off an early charge by Jeremy Tallon (KMS/Birel) before simply pulling away from his competition. However as he approached the finish line, Nepveu pulled to the side of the straight and allowed Tallon to cruise on by and take the win. Nepveu then resumed to finish second.

The battle for third was quite heated as an accident with a lap remaining shuffled the four karts battling for the position. Matthew Burke (Zanardi) was the first to emerge from wreckage, but a bent steering column forced him to take evasive action with only two corners remaining. This allowed Patrick Woods-Toth (PSL Montreal/CRG) to snag away the final step on the podium. Justin Arseneau (PSL/CRG) was also able to pass Burke before the finish line to place fourth.

However at the podium celebration, Nepveu was awarded the win with Tallon second and Woods-Toth third.

Photos by: Cody Schindel/CKN

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