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Conquer Secures Sponsorship to Make His Rok Cup Super Final Dream a Reality

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Conquer Secures Sponsorship to Make His Rok Cup Super Final Dream a Reality

Hard work, both on and off the track, has paid off for Joshua Conquer

Joshua Conquer and his family have been racing for a very, very long time. His Grandfather raced stock cars, his dad raced karts and both were very successful, but next week, Joshua will be the first family member to compete in a world final as he tackles the Rok Cup Super Final in Italy.

The youngest Conquer has been in a race kart since he seven years old, taking to the track in the final years that his dad raced. When karting became a little more serious for Josh, Dave decided to hang up the race boots and shift his focus onto his son. It’s been a race-winning father-son duo ever since.

Three years ago, Josh started driver a Shifter Kart after transitioning from Junior to Senior. It’s been a gradual time, competing in many events in Canada and the USA earning high honours, and won this opportunity as the Rok Shifter champion in the MotoMaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship. Nothing will compare to the experience he is about to endure in Italy. He will be racing against 72 of the best Rok Shifter drivers from around the world at the mecca of karting, South Garda Karting.

Conquer nearly had to turn down the opportunity as the costs to travel to Italy are not cheap and both Josh and Dave are busy full-time workers. But determined to make his dream a reality, Josh went to work immediately after winning the MRFKC title, sharing his story with local business’s in his home town of Uxbridge. Many were impressed and have stepped up financially to support, ensuring he could attend and compete.

He is staying humble, with ambitions to make the main event, which will feature the top-34 drivers after the heat races. Knowing it will be unlike any other race he’s competed in, Conquer is going to soak up as much of the opportunity as he can. In addition, he is hoping to get a chance to visit the TonyKart factory while he is there and of course, enjoy Italian cuisine.

Dave will be turning the wrenches on their TonyKart while Terry Ventresca of Team VSR will be there to support Conquer and his VSR teammate Andrew Maciel, who will compete in Rok Junior.

We caught up with Joshua Conquer to ask him a few questions before we all jet off to Italy for the Rok Cup Super Final.

Dude, you did it. You qualified for the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy! How does that make you feel?

When I first heard that I won the ticket, I didn’t even know if I was able to go. I was scared but determined, and now that the event is only a week away I’m so excited and can’t wait to get on the track!

When we spoke at the beginning of the season, you didn’t plan to run the entire MRFKC season. What changed and are you happy you stuck around all summer?

That is correct, we were only planning on doing Goodwood round 1 and then both Mosport rounds. The F-Series was going to be more of our focus again this year but I started working full time and so that made it hard to just up and travel to the USA to race, so we made the decision to stay and run locally. Obviously, I am super happy in the way that the whole season has turned out and I’m super excited to head to Italy.

I’ve noticed you have been hustling ever since you won the ticket to gain sponsorship so you could attend. Talk about what you’ve done, some of the challenges you’ve faced, and who you need to thank for helping ensure you can go and compete in Italy.

I have been on the hunt for sponsorship so I could attend the event. Obviously, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and one that I was not willing to pass up.

I have been reaching out to businesses in Uxbridge and giving them a quick rundown on my racing history and what the event is all about. The response that I have received from the local business has been very positive and I would like to thank MD Packaging, Colpitts design, Ron Brown Auto, Zehrs, Boston Pizza, Lenz and Trenz and aswell all of our family and friends that have contributed along the way.

Who is coming to turn the wrenches on your TonyKart?

It will be the one and only David Conquer on the wrenches as usual. I figured that we started the journey all those years back when I was seven that we might as well do one of the biggest races in the world together. Mr. Terry Ventresca has been one of the most supportive people throughout the last couple of years and I’m very thankful that I will be able to experience the event with him as well.

With an entry list of 72 drivers in Rok Shifter, that will be the biggest field of karts you’ve raced against. Where are you hoping to rank amongst this list of the world’s best Rok Shifter drivers?

Realistically, making the A Final would be an amazing achievement after looking at the entry list and seeing some familiar names that ran upfront from previous world finals. I know the challenge that is ahead of me and I am ready to face it head-on.

Finally, what is your favourite Italian food dish you’re most looking forward to?

Everyone would probably say authentic Italian pizza and pasta but I’m gonna leave the food choices up to Terry because he knows what is best.

CKN will be trackside at South Garda Karting for the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy. Be sure to follow all of our content as we keep our readers informed on how our Rok Cup Canada contingent is doing at this spectacular event.

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