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Coltin McCaughan Secures New Sponsorship

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Coltin McCaughan Secures New Sponsorship

Canadian Karting News is pleased to announce that Coltin McCaughan and McCaughan Racing Inc. have solidified an endorsement deal with Dryworld Industries for the 2016 race season. Currently, plans are in place with Dryworld to assist Coltin with his participation at the Challenge of the Americas, US Open, CanAm Karting Challenge, Alberta Summer Challenge and the Canadian National Karting Championships.

“I’m extremely excited with the opportunity to work with Dryworld Industries to help promote their brand and integrate their innovative products into the karting community,” explains Coltin McCaughan, a CKN Brand Ambassador.

“It’s cool to see that a Canadian company like Dryworld Industries has made a positive impact in the highly competitive world of sports and related products.”

Prior to this collaboration with Dryworld, Coltin had already made arrangements to team up with Rolison Performance Group. Together with Dryworld Industries, RPG and Kosmic Kart, Coltin is looking forward to a very exciting and successful race season.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the big orange “D” that Coltin will be sporting on his race suit, helmet and Kosmic kart in 2016.


About Dryworld Industries:
DRYWORLD Industries ( is the world’s leading independent sports brand. Based in Victoria, BC, Canada, DRYWORLD has created a line-up of technologically advanced products and materials that cater to the serious athlete. The DRYWORLD line-up includes DRYFEET Performance Footgear, a groundbreaking new product making waves around the world; BIOSKYN, the world’s first thermo-regulating, waterproof, and technical compression athletic wear line; BAREFUTA, the world’s first thermo-regulating, waterproof line of cleats for baseball, soccer, football, and rugby; and HauteD, high society athletic wear. All DRYWORLD Products and replica team merchandise will be available in DRYWORLD Franchise and Corporate stores launching in 2016. All DRYWORLD products are designed by athletes and are independently lab tested by the Canadian Sport Institute (CSI).


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