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CKN Exclusive: Praga Racing Ontario (PRO) formed; making debut at Florida Winter Tour

CKN Exclusive

CKN Exclusive: Praga Racing Ontario (PRO) formed; making debut at Florida Winter Tour

IPK North America is pleased to announce the start of a great partnership between IPK North America and Praga Racing Ontario inc. (PRO). IPK North America is very confident that the relationship between IPK and PRO will be a significant stepping-stone to the future of the Praga kart brand and for karting at large in Ontario.

“I am very pleased to have reached this agreement with PRO and now have them on board with our Praga brand. PRO, is a fitting name for the company brought together by very experienced hardworking individuals. This will be a good opportunity for any young driver to work with a winning team on a winning kart.” stated Marco Di Leo, manager of IPK North America.

Praga Racing Ontario inc, established in early 2013 by team owners Curtis Fox, Ian Macintyre, and Darryl Timmers with a combined 33 years of kart racing, tuning, and development experience. PRO inc. will be operating as a race support team and a driver/mechanic development program. Services offered by PRO include the following

• Race weekend driver coaching support
• Data analysis & chassis tuning
• Carbonation & engine troubleshooting
• Chassis straightening
• Parts sales
• Kart storage/transport
• Kart maintenance
• Personal fitness training
• Scheduled driver & mechanic coaching sessions

This is a team that dedicates itself to developing future drivers physically and mentally for the next level of competition. PRO will set itself apart from other race teams through on and off track driver/mechanic training and proper kart preparation weeks prior to race events. The idea being that, team drivers and mechanics come to the track with a professional and competitive mindset.

It is important that potential team drivers know that PRO fully supports the Praga kart brand but will service all kart brands and is open to any driver/mechanic (father,mother/daughter,son team). PRO has been established as a karting service that caters to all racers and mechanics both rookie or advanced who want to shift their racing program to the next level, on and off track.

“This is a very exciting opportunity for PRO to support and develop future racers and their mechanics in the karting community and help them compete at a regional, national, and international level competitively. The correct guidance, confidence, and support is the recipe for success in any form of racing,” PRO Team Owners.

Allesandro Manetti

Alessandro Manetti

For those Canadians not competing in the final rounds of the Florida Winter Tour, the winter season is almost over and pre season preparations for the 2013 Canadian karting season are taking place. Although months away from the curtain drop of the first Eastern Canadian Karting Championship round; Praga Racing Ontario (PRO) will be fielding two drivers for round two of the Florida Winter Tour Rotax MAX Challenge.

The Team will be travelling from the Greater Toronto Area in support of its two DD2 Masters competitors: 2-time Canadian Olympic silver medalist and 3 time world champion figure skater Elvis Stojko who currently resides in Mexico; and Alessandro Manetti, 3-time European and 2-time CIK/FIA World Karting Champion will be put to the test against some of worlds toughest DD2 Masters competitors.

“Its nice to get off the ice every so often to develop my other love of karting. I’m thrilled to get on track with the PRO team and to work with a karting world champion.” stated Elvis Stojko after his Rock The Ice show in Peterborough ON, Canada.

Alessandro Manetti also shares Elvis’ enthusiasm towards getting into the DD2 Masters class in Homestead this coming weekend. “It will be interesting to get to try this DD2 on track and I am looking forward to working with a new team that is developing Praga in North America.”

For any Inquires contact Praga Racing Ontario:

-Phone: 1-647-883-0467

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