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Cedrik Lupien is 3-for-3 in ECKC

Eastern Canadian Karting Championship

Cedrik Lupien is 3-for-3 in ECKC

The defending Rotax Senior class champion has continued his reign on the Eastern Canadian Karting Championship and is on his way to to another title after scoring his third series victory in as many races at the rain soaked ICAR Circuit, even if it came after the misfortune of his younger brother.

The two Lupien brothers started on the front row after sharing the wins in the heat races on Saturday, with Samuel on the pole-position.

On a wet track for the first time of the weekend the green flag flew for Final 1.

Immediately Samuel Lupien (BCR/FA Kart) jumped out to the lead while Cedrik Lupien (BCR/FA Kart) was overtaken by Zachary Claman DeMelo (Goodwood/CRG) for the second position. Marco Di Leo (Goodwood/Intrepid) and Gianfranco Mazzaferro (PSL/BirelART) settled in behind.

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Samuel built up an early lead when contact in turn one sent DeMelo spinning and Di Leo through the gravel trap on the exit as he tried to avoid it, as Cedrik and Mazzaferro slid through along with American Carson Kapica (BCR/TonyKart).

It looked like Samuel would cruise to victory from there with a large lead in his control, but with only three laps left, his engine began to sputter and slow up allowing Cedrik to close in quickly. Making no challenge, Cedrik went to the lead just before the last lap board while Samuel did all he could to survive the race.

Final 1 Race Results

Taking the win, his third of the season, Cedrik Lupien crossed the finish line in celebration. Holding off the challenge from Kapica, Mazzaferro took second while Samuel struggled to the finish line in sixth place as both Di Leo and Davide Greco (VSR/TonyKart) got by too.

Unfortunately for Samuel, he was not able to seek redemption as Final 2 was cancelled due to heavy rains at ICAR.

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