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Cooper Emerges on Final Lap for X30 Senior SuperNats Victory

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Cooper Emerges on Final Lap for X30 Senior SuperNats Victory

The savvy veteran Ben Cooper has emerged from the dust-up on the final lap as the winner in X30 Senior. This was the first large-scale event Cooper has run in quite some time, showing us just how smart and talented of a driver he is.

The race took many forms at different stages, but in the end, it was a seven or eight kart train at the front with the leaders blocking and the followers trying to figure out how to get by. Everyone knew the last lap scuffle was coming in X30 Senior and it came with a bang. On the final lap, Lorenzo Travisanutto led the field, followed by Christian Brooks who had just joined the fight at the front. As the lead pack made their way into turn four, Brooks went for the lead over the World Champion, knocking sidepods and blowing them both off the line. This created an opening for Cooper, who had been in third at the time, and he took full advantage.

Zane Maloney all of a sudden found himself in second, all the way from the sixth spot due to the carnage. Maloney, from Barbados, had qualified on the provisional pole on Thursday but a penalty took him down to tenth. It was a crazy event unfolding in turn four on the final lap and every kart in the top seven or eight changed multiple positions.

Down the stretch, they came and Cooper was able to hold off Maloney. Cedrik Lupien, who had started on the pole and ran in the lead for a short while, made it through to third.

Brooks had finished fourth on track, but the move by the Global RallyCross driver on Travisanutto was deemed avoidable contact, dropping him to 14th. This promoted Matheus Morgatto, all the way from 21st, to the fourth position. In his first ever Senior event, the Brazilian showcased what we already knew — his incredible talent behind the wheel.

Cedrik Lupien started the Final on the pole-position alongside current world champion Lorenzo Travisanutto

Canadian Ryan MacDermid would rise to fifth, a 10-kart improvement from his starting position. Samuel Lupien was also in the hunt all race long, until the final lap where he surrendered third place to Cooper, in turn one and then was forced into the outside barriers by Maloney, which went unnoticed by the officials. Zachary Claman DeMelo ran as high as eighth in the race, and as low sixteenth before the Indycar driver finished eleventh.

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Watch the race below courtesy of SuperKarts! USA.

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