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Burnett Puts Canada on Top of the World at Rok Cup SuperFinal!


Burnett Puts Canada on Top of the World at Rok Cup SuperFinal!

Canada has a new international karting champion following a historic drive from Jensen Burnett at the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy.

Powering his Energy Corse racing kart at the South Garda Karting circuit in Northern Italy, Burnett drove a near-flawless Final race.

Starting the Final from fifth on the grid, Burnett was quickly into third place on the start and advanced to second and then first place on laps two and three. He was attacked back on lap four and slipped back to second place, and smartly tucked in behind the race leader.

As the laps ticked away, Burnett stayed right on the leader’s bumper just waiting to attack.

With less than two laps to go, he pounced in the first hairpin to regain the lead.

Defending beautifully on his final tour of the circuit, Burnett left no opportunities and left his competitors to race for second place.

Throwing his hands in the air at the finish line with fireworks exploding in the background, Burnett scored the victory, the biggest of his career thus far, and the first time a Canadian has won at the Rok Cup SuperFinal!

The Canadian Champion also joins a star-studded list of drivers who have won the SuperFinal with the Energy Corse team, including Alex Powell and Connor Zilisch.

With four other Canadians in the Mini Rok field this week, that featured an impressive 104 entrants, only Ilie Tristan-Crisan was able to transfer to the Final with Burnett. Starting from the rear of the field, he moved up nine places to finish 23rd, his best finish in Europe to date.

Relegated to the Vortex Trophy were the remaining three Canadians, Mayer Deonarine, Jordan Di Leo and Christian Papp.

From third on the grid, Deonarine ran a great race, getting to the lead early on. It wasn’t until a few laps were left that Deonarine came under pressure from his fellow Energy Corse teammate Lorenzo Campos. Nothing to complain about, Deonarine celebrated his second-place finish and put Canada on the podium for the second time of the day.

Christian Papp was a young man on a mission and he advanced up 15 spots to take 11th place at the finish line.

Unfortunately for Jordan Di Leo, he had to come to a halt on the opening lap to avoid a spinning kart and he fell well behind the pack. Putting his head down and running some of his fastest laps of the week, he recovered well and ended up 26th in the final ranking after a 5-second pushback bumper penalty.

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