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BSRKC: Scotty Nagel victorious in Sr. Medium Friday final

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BSRKC: Scotty Nagel victorious in Sr. Medium Friday final

Scott Nagel (Birel) was able to hold off Tristen Gill (Birel) to win his first Senior regional race. Nagel and Gill were able to get the hole shot into corner one and pull away from the rest of the field. Jonathon Treadwell (K&K North America/ K&K) was in third for the first half of the race with Dave Patrick (Birel) and Kevin Monteith catching behind.

At the halfway point Monteith and Patrick both got by Treadwell for the third and fourth and work hard to catch the two up front. Both drivers were running faster laps than the leaders in the closing stages of race, but unfortunately they just caught up to Nagel and Gill coming to the line. The finishing order was Nagel, Gill, Monteith, Patrick and Cory Cacciavillani (CF Racing/Birel) rounding out the top five.


1. Scott Nagel Birel 15:43.085
2. Tristan Gill Birel +0.086
3. Kevin Monteith Birel +0.821
4. Dave Patrick Birel +0.964
5. Cory Cacciavillani Birel +6.694
6. David Miller Firstkart +6.730
7. Ryan Brutzki Arrow +7.708
8. Jonathon Treadwell K&K Kart +8.854
9. T.J. Marshall Birel +11.585
10. Adam Racine Firstkart +11.627
11. Brandon Hauck Birel +11.696
12. Jamie Riberdy Motion Tec +17.969
13. Daniel Geer MBA +18.653
14. Alex Difrangia Rossa Corsa +18.704
15. Trevor Chinnick Arrow +18.897
16. Nicholas Ledson Birel +20.603
17. Caleb Wood Awesome +23.156
18. Jeremy Brutzki Arrow +23.466
19. Kristian Jeffreyy Rossa Corsa +25.956
20. Spencer Moore Birel +27.114
21. Brayden Seberras Birel +33.632
22. Matt Abram Arrow +35.000
23. Adrian Bartnik Birel +1 lap
24. Blair Wickett Firstkart +9 laps
25. Brock Regan Birel +16 laps
26. Maxim Landry Tonykart DNS

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