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BSRKC: Nico Fattore inherits F125/Shifter Saturday Final victory

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BSRKC: Nico Fattore inherits F125/Shifter Saturday Final victory

With only five karts in the field, it truly was anyones race as the F125 Shifter class hit the track at Shannonville Motorsports Park for their final. Joe Demarco (GP) sat on the pole-position with Nico Fattore (GP) on the outside. A penalty to pre final winner Curtis Fox (GP) forced him to start from the final row. Demarco got the hole shot, with Kristian Jefferies (EA) launching from third to second, with Fox completing the top-three into turn one.

Rounding the first lap, Jefferies made his move to the lead into corner one with Fox looking to join him. However a late braking manoeuvre was a little too much for his cold tires and Fox spun, ending his race a little early.

With Jefferies well out front, the race was all his, until he mysteriously drove past the first corner, and coming to a stop. This left Demarco and Fattore to battle it out for the win. Fattore tried his best, but couldn’t manage to get around, giving Demarco the victory at the finish-line. However, coming up short at the weigh-scales, Demarco was removed from the results giving Fattore his first ever Grand National Bear.

1. Nico Fattore GP 13:17.017
2. Kristian Jeffrey EA +8 laps
3. Gilles Gallie CRG +19 laps
4. Curtis Fox GP +19 laps
5. Joe Demarco GP DQ

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