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BSRKC: Melissa Glaze wins the race of the day In Rotax/TaG Senior

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BSRKC: Melissa Glaze wins the race of the day In Rotax/TaG Senior

Melissa Glaze (Innisfil Indy/GP) proved to the whole paddock that there are two Glazes who can bring home a bear in Shannonville after passing her brother Micheal Glaze (Innisfil Indy/CMP) with two laps to go in the final. Michael was able to take the early lead from the get go, with Max Preston (Intrepid North America/Intrepid) running close behind. Through majority of the race both Michael and Preston were battling each other hard allowing Melissa to catch up.

With five laps remaining in the final Melissa was able to make the move on Preston for second which put the whole paddock on their feet to see if she finally be able to win that bear her brother had won on multiple occasions. With two laps to go that question was answered when she got by Michael and ended up winning her first ever Grand National Bear. Michael Glaze managed to finish second ahead of a charging Cory Cacciavillani (CF Racing/Kosmic) who started last due to a technical difficulty in the pre final. Preston finished fourth and Chad Campbell (Innisfil Indy/GP) round out the top five.

1. Melissa Glaze GP 14:34.011
2. Michael Glaze CMP +0.458
3. Cory Cacciavillani Kosmic +1.336
4. Max Preston Intrepid +1.812
5. Chad Campbell GP +1.828
6. Brett Rickeard Kosmic +2.231
7. William Lalonde Corsa Racing Kart +6.955
8. stefan Semeraro GP +9.352
9. Michael Forget Tonykart +15.716
10. Taylor Gates Birel +17.062
11. Kevin May K&K Kart +26.445
12. Derek Woodbridge GP +26.649
13. Sylvain Coulombe Tonykart +26.927
14. Adam Racine Firstkart +2 laps
15. Brayden Sebarras Birel +8 laps
16. Lauren Fortune Intrepid +10 laps

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