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BSRKC: Kyle Edgar takes a home a Bear in Saturday’s Junior Medium final

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BSRKC: Kyle Edgar takes a home a Bear in Saturday’s Junior Medium final

Kyle Edgar made a last lap move on Jaret Stewart to win Saturday’s Junior Medium final. At the start of the race Tyler Turnbull (Day-Glo/Firstkart) and Cole Smith-Ledson (Ledson Motorsports/Birel) took the hole shot into turn one leaving the rest of the field to battle behind. Once all the drivers in the second group of karts stopped battling, they started to reel in the two up front. Jaret Stewart (Arrow) and Kyle Edgar (K&K) took advantage of the run they had on the leaders to pass both Turnbull and Ledson heading into corner one.

Once in first and second, Turnbull and Edgar both drove away from the field. On the last lap of the race Edgar made the move on Stewart in first corner and kept the position all the way to the checkered. The battle for third was heated with Darren Dryden (Birel), Alexander Couturier (SH Karting/Tony kart) and Austin Bisschop crossing the line 3 wide are the checkered.


1. Kyle Edgar K&K 16:14.973
2. Jaret Stewart Arrow +0.031
3. Darren Dryden Birel +2.049
4. Alexander Couturier Tony Kart +2.078
5. Austin Bisschop Birel +2.087
6. Tyler Turnbull Firstkart +2.143
7. Clay Van Eerd Birel +2.669
8. Cole Smith-Ledson Birel +3.748
9. Jordan Latimer Birel +5.389
10. Ryan Mohan Birel +5.840
11. Miles Tyson Birel +9.203
12. Andre Fiorini K&K +9.205
13. Jordan Howse Birel +9.278
14. Tyler McCullough Birel +9.445
15. Brandon Lowry Birel +13.805
16. Joshua Conquer Birel +18.514
17. Tyler Paquette Birel +19.969
18. Adam Pellow Parolin +31.271
19. Sam Ouimet Birel +33.665
20. Phoenix Humphrey K&K +1 lap
21. Vassil Tchiplakov EA +8 laps
22. Matthew Tarr Firstkart +10 laps
23. Zachery Latimer Birel +14 laps

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