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BSRKC: Jonathon Treadwell wins the first ever Briggs Senior Bear.

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BSRKC: Jonathon Treadwell wins the first ever Briggs Senior Bear.

Jonathon Treadwell (KnK Kart) was able to overcome an opening lap incident in the Briggs & Stratton Senior Final to score the first victory for the class at the Brian Stewart Racing Karting Champion BearHunt, held at Shannonville Motorsports Park.

Maxime Couturier (TonyKart) scored the holeshot on the start, while polesitter Cory Cacciavilliani (CF Racing/Birel) and Treadwell came togethers in the back esses. The result sent Cacciavillani spinning, Treadwell sweeping well wide and Courturier and Charlotte Lalonde (CRG) taking a large advantage out front.

In the middle stages of the race, Treadwell and Cacciavillani were both on a mission, with Treadwell finding himself on the rear bumper of Courturier just past halfway.

After gaining the lead, Treadwell never looked back taking the checkered flag and the first Bear for KnK Kart’s Keith Barrick. Courturier held on for second and Cacciavillani returned to finish third.

1. Jonathon Treadwell K&K Kart 15:48.947
2. Maxime Couturier Tony Kart +0.094
3. Cory Cacciavillani Birel +12.885
4. Charlotte Lalonde CRG +13.334
5. Max Laundry CRG +13.408
6. David Laplante Tonykart +15.272
7. Wally Pollo Arrow +16.826
8. Michel Forget Tonykart +21.606
9. Robert Jefferies Arrow +34.837
10. Jacques Larose Tonykart +45.537
11. William Lalonde Tonykart +7 laps
12. Cameron Nabert Tonykart DNS

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