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BSRKC: Jonathon Treadwell takes a thrilling Sr. Medium Final

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BSRKC: Jonathon Treadwell takes a thrilling Sr. Medium Final

After scoring the pole-position in qualifying, Jonathon Treadwell (KnK Kart) bounced around in the pre final falling all the way to eighth at the end of the 10-lap Sr. Medium heat.

However, in the final it took Treadwell no time to return to the front. After a tough start that removed both Marc Stehle (TonyKart) and Jamie Riberdy, a lead pack of six karts erupted with Cory Cacciavillani (CF Racing/Birel) leading the way.

Three laps in, TJ Marshall (Birel) made his move to the lead, bringing Treadwell with him, while Cacciavillani fell to third. From there, the front two were able to brake away, while Cacciavillani and David Patrick (Birel) worked hard to rejoin the leaders.

The positions didn’t change until Treadwell made his move to the lead inside the turn five hairpin with two laps to go. Holding off Marshall to the finish, Treadwell scored the win, with Cacciavillani getting Marshall at the finish line. Patrick and Zach Boam (GP) completed the top-five.

1. Jonathon Treadwell
2. Cory Cacciavillani +0.352
3. T.J. Marshall +0.442
4. David Patrick +0.699
5. Zach Boam +0.828
6. Dale Bonham +6.469
7. Brett Rickeard +6.543
8. Scotty Nagel +6.740
9. Ryan Brutzki +6.802
10. Caleb Wood +9.361
11. Spencer Moore +10.217
12. Nicholas Ledson +11.897
13. Braydon Sebarras +18.464
14. Jeremy Bruztki +18.878
15. Matt Abram +26.759
16. Jamie Riberdy DNF
17. Mark Stehle DNF

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