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BSRKC: Jaret Stewart wins Bear number two in Junior Pro

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BSRKC: Jaret Stewart wins Bear number two in Junior Pro

Jaret Stewart managed to make a last corner pass on Andre Fiorini (K&K) two win the Junior Pro final. Stewart had the hole shot into corner one with Fiorini, Kyle Edgar (K&K), Darren Dryden (Birel) and Ryan Mohan (EA) right behind.

The top drvers managed to hold position for the first half of the race with Fiorini making the move for first just past half way. From this point on Stewart just kept his kart right on the bumper of Fiorini’s K&K and waited for laps to keep winding down. Once the last Lap board came out Stewart knew it was time to make his move. Coming into the last corner Stewart placed his Birel in the inside of Fiorini and was able to hold him off to the line. Darren Dryden came home in third place just ahead of Ryan Mohan and Alex Couturier (SH Karting/Tonykart) who was able to battle his way into the top five.


1. Jaret Stewart Arrow 15:35.708
2. Andrie Fiorini K&K Kart +0.045
3. Darren Dryden Birel +0.165
4. Ryan Mohan Rossa Corsa +0.398
5. Alex Couturier Tony Kart +0.474
6. Kyle Edgar K&K Kart +0.487
7. Clay Van Eerd Birel +7.597
8. Jordan Latimer Birel +13.341
9. Miles Tyson Birel +13.403
10. Jared Gill Birel +18.204
11. Tyler McCollough Birel +42.291
12. Chaston Cullum Birel +1 lap

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