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BSRKC: Jaret Stewart scores Jr. Medium Friday victory

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BSRKC: Jaret Stewart scores Jr. Medium Friday victory

Jared Stewart (Arrow) was able to win his first bear of the weekend after a close battle with Ryan Mohan (Birel) to the finish. At the start of the race Austin Bisschop (Collison Racing/Birel) was able to take control of the field taking the lead ahead of Stewart, Mohan and Cole Smith-Ledson (Ledson Motorsports/Birel). Half way through the final Bisshop was shuffled to fourth and eventually pushed of the track causing him to spin out and putting him out of contention for the win. With Bisschop out of the running Stewart was able to run a smart race and hold off Mohan to the flag. Ledson finished in a lonely third ahead of Bisschop and Kaitlin Neely (Firstkart).

1. Jaret Stewart Arrow 15:55.315
2. Ryan Mohan Birel +0.074
3. Cole Smith-Ledson Birel +5.557
4. Austin Bisschop Birel +14.549
5. Kaitlin Neely Firstkart +18.287
6. Jordan Latimer Birel +20.361
7. Jordan Howse Birel +20.397
8. Brand Lowry Birel +20.556
9. Jade Franklin Birel +24.773
10. Adam Pellow Parolin +38.196
11. Vassil Tchiplakov EA Kart +38.305
12. Phoenix Humphrey K&K Kart +1 lap
13. Matthew Tarr Firstkart +1 lap
14. Tyler Paquette Birel +15 laps
15. Clay Van Eerd Birel DNS
16. Tyler McCullough Birel DQ

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