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BSRKC: Jamie Riberdy scores a red flag shortened Sr. Lite final at Innisfil

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BSRKC: Jamie Riberdy scores a red flag shortened Sr. Lite final at Innisfil

One of the largest classes of the day to hit the track, the Sr. Lite class really put on a show for those in attendance. Sixteen karts lined up for their final in Innisfil, with Jonathon Treadwell and Michael Glaze on the front row. A great start for Glaze vaulted him to the lead into turn one, while Treadwell fell well down the order exiting the final corner of the first lap, being run wide.

Out front, Glaze led a train of karts, that included Jamie Riberdy, Scotty Nagel, Kevin Monteith, and the Brutzki brothers of Ryan and Jeremy, as the action began to get exciting. Meanwhile. Treadwell was was regrouping after falling back to tenth, grinding to the back of the lead pack by halfway.

Glaze and Riberdy held tight up front, while Monteith sliced his way to third. Unfortunately for Nagel, he received the meatball for a lost bumper, while Treadwell had worked into fourth ahead of the Brutzki’s.

The racing up front was vicious, with positions swapping constantly in the closing lap.

Making his move to lead with three laps to go proved beneficial for Riberdy, as just as the leaders were coming to last lap sign, led by Treadwell, the red flag was displayed for an incident in the final corner involving Chad Campbell. The red flag resulted in the ending of the race, and the results going back to the last completed lap, placing Riberdy back on top. Treadwell would be scored second, and Glaze finished third, while a lost nosecone resulted in the exclusion for Monteith.

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