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BSRKC: Jake Collison wins Masters at Shannonville.

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BSRKC: Jake Collison wins Masters at Shannonville.

Jake Collison (Collison Racing/Birel) won the Masters final Saturday at Shannonville. In the Early stages of the race Collison was able to gain a good lead ahead of the pack until Glenn Butler (REM/Birel), who is making his first start after two seasons away from the sport, and Ron Henrie (Arrow) managed to catch up to Collison with 3 laps remaining. Butler got by Collison with two laps remaining on the outside of corner one, but lost the spot to Collison going into the esses. The top three all gave it there all coming to the line but in the end Collison managed to keep the position ahead of Butler and Henrie, with Wally Pollo (Arrow) and Jamie Macarthur (Birel).

1. Jake Collison Birel 16:16.978
2. Ronald Henrie Arrow +0.190
3. Glenn Butler Birel +0.391
4. Wally Pollo Arrow +5.475
5. Jamie Macarthur Birel +5.846
6. John Vasilankos EA +5.920
7. John Dryden Birel +7.199
8. Steve Durkac Awesome +9.246
9. Sandy Murdoch Arrow +12.132
10. Mike Forget Tonykart +17.842
11. Andy Oliver Arrow +17.852
12. Rich Mizener Birel +17.950
13. Bob Bailey Birel +23.373
14. Jacques Larose Tony kart +25.974
15. Sylain Coulombe Tony Kart +25.974
16. Dan Bailey Birel +26.189
17. Tim Blatt Birel +1 lap
18. Sue Taylor Parolin +1 lap
19 Rudy Aguiar Birel +16 laps

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