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BSRKC: Daily Sweep for Kevin Monteith in Sr. Lite

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BSRKC: Daily Sweep for Kevin Monteith in Sr. Lite

In a class that has been dominated thus far this season by Jamie Riberdy and his privately developed chassis crafted by his father, today brought forth a whole new group of competitors in the Sr. Lite class. Battling hot conditions, and intense racing, Sr. Lite filled the fences, providing some of the best racing all weekend.

In Qualifying, a unique format was used as drivers were given a simple Green-White-Checkered session. Simply put, drivers had to put in their fast lap NASCAR style. The closest class of the day, the top-4 drivers was Sr. Lite, led by Kevin Monteith (REM/Birel) were separated by a scant 0.065 seconds!

After the first start was waved off and restarted, the Sr. Lite class Final finally got under way with Monteith taking the lead over Cory Cacciavillani (CF Racing/Birel). However Saturday Sr. Medium winner Jonathon Treadwell (KnK Kart) was able to slide into second before the first lap was completed.

With Monteith out front, Cacciavillani slotted back into second, and the front two were able to break away, while Treadwell had his hands full of Michael Glaze (CMP).

Much like the pre-final, there was no battling for the lead until the final two laps as Cacciavillani pushed Monteith away allowing themselves to settle it out on their own.

With the white flag flying, Monteith dove to the inside to block down into turn one, forcing Cacciavillani wide to try and get a run, however a perfectly executed block, kept Monteith up front. Although he tried everything on the remainder of the final lap, Cacciavillani would have to settle for second (his fourth runner-up finish of the weekend), while Monteith scored his first BSRKC win of the year.

Treadwell managed to hold third, while Riberdy overtook glaze to take fourth at the finish.

1. Kevin Monteith
2. Cory Cacciavillani +0.083
3. Jonathon Treadwell +1.903
4. Jamie Riberdy +2.876
5. Michael Glaze +3.319
6. Jeremy Brutzki +5.456
7. Nicholas Ledson +5.969
8. Scotty Nagel +6.039
9. Chad Campbell +6.900
10. Zach Boam +8.088
11. Spencer Moore +11.256
12. Ryan Brutzki +11.842
13. Brodie Myer +13.536
14. Braydon Sebarras +17.264

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