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BSRKC: Clay Van Eerd doubles up with Jr. Heavy final victory

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BSRKC: Clay Van Eerd doubles up with Jr. Heavy final victory

In the Jr. Heavy class, Jaret Stewart (Birel) seemed to have everything under control after he was able to qualify on the pole-position and convert it into a pre final win. However, from the drop of the green flag for the final Clay Van Eerd (Birel) had other things in mind.

After bouncing around through the start, Van Eerd finally settled into fifth spot as the first lap completed, while Stewart led the way up front with Ryan Mohan (EA), Darren Dryden (Birel) and Myles Tyson (REM/Birel) slotted into position two, three and four.

Stewart continued to lead the way up front, while Van Eerd made his way through the lead group, first taking Dryden, then Tyson, and finally Mohan, setting his sights on Stewart only a couple kart lengths ahead at the halfway mark.

Nipping into the lead as the laps wound down, Van Eerd made his move to the lead on the final lap in corner one with a brilliant over-under move into turn two. Defending for the remainder of the lap, Van Eerd held the point entering the final corner when he received a shot from Stewart who had a great run through the final chicane. The contact allowed allowed Tyson to join the action and the three went three-wide to the finish. Van Eerd held on for the win, with Tyson sneaking into second ahead of Stewart.

1. Clay Van Eerd
2. Myles Tyson +0.053
3. Jaret Stewart +0.089
4. Daren Dryden +3.468
5. Ryan Mohan +4.410
6. Jordan Latimer +5.353
7. Tyler Paquette +8.238
8. Dean Reilly 14.177
9. Tyler Turnbull +3 Laps

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