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BRP-Rotax’ First App – The ‘Rotax Max Jetting Guide’

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BRP-Rotax’ First App – The ‘Rotax Max Jetting Guide’

The ‘ROTAX MAX JETTING GUIDE’ is an application for Android and iOS devices and was designed to assist Rotax MAX evo kart drivers in setting up a recommended main jet based on weather conditions and engine type. The application is available free of charge.

To find the perfect set up for the next kart race is challenging. Various outside influences such as altitude, weather conditions like temperature, humidity made it difficult to choose the right value for the main jet.

“Our goal was to offer our customers a tool which is easy to use. The ‘ROTAX MAX JETTING GUIDE’ is easy to handle and its features are being used for all Rotax kart evo engines”, said Helmut Voglsam, head of Rotax kart engines. “We are confident that the user will appreciate the advantage of the simple set up compared to other applications.”


The perfect set up will be calculated automatically by using only one button and requires a GPS signal. The second step is to select your engine configuration. If there is no GPS or internet access available, the application also runs manually. In this case the user has to fill in the weather conditions and altitude itself. By clicking the button “calculation” the recommended set up of the main jet will show up immediately. In case another set up calculation is necessary to be made – e.g. for a second engine, one simply has to press the button “reset” and the next calculation can be made.

Depending on the preference, the user can choose between the metric and the imperial system – Celsius or Fahrenheit and meter or feet to get its data.

“The ROTAX MAX JETTING GUIDE application is ready to be downloaded in the app store (Android), (iOS) and if more information is required, a detailed description is available on the Rotax karting website,” said Voglsam.

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