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Black Racing Engines Introduces ProFlow Jet Kits and High Performance Motor Mounts for the Rotax Market

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Black Racing Engines Introduces ProFlow Jet Kits and High Performance Motor Mounts for the Rotax Market

BRE also launches new website for easy online ordering

Black Racing Engines of British Columbia is excited to announce two new products available to those competing in the Rotax Max marketplace. After months of development and plenty of on track testing, BRE has released four ProFlow Jet Kits as well as a Micro/Mini Max specific motor mount to the public. With the addition of these new products, BRE is also elated to launch their new website,, for customers to easily order the products online.

“We are very excited for the release of our new products,” exclaimed Chris Black of BRE. “Our jet kit will provide a high level of accuracy and better performance in tuning the carburetor for all of our clients, while our Micro and Mini Max engine mounts will greatly improve the performance of those power plants.”

ProFlow jets are the most precisely calibrated jets available in today’s market. BRE has tested thousands of jets using a liquid flow bench engineered specifically for Dellorto jets used in the Rotax EVO engines. Each individual jet is flow tested and the data received is recorded and logged into software, where jets are selected to create a linear relationship in flow from one jet size to the next.

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The jet kits are split into four separate categories: Micro-Max, Mini-Max, Junior/Senior and DD2. With each category requiring different settings, BRE felt the need to split the kits up based on individual power plant requirements. The Micro, Junior/Senior and DD2 kits feature jets which flow between the standard jet sizes, allowing the tuner to have greater control over the air fuel ratio.

Black graph 2

Graph Description:
A visual representation of the difference in flow rates of jets stamped the same size. Data was recorded from 20 jets per size, a total of 160 jets. Each data point on the graph represents one jet. The vertical series of data points are oem jets of the “same size”. The trend line represent a completed ProFlow jet kit. As you can see it is no wonder why ProFlow jet kits are a must have item for the serious tuner.

Extensive development has also gone into custom designing their motor mounts for drivers racing in the Micro-Max and Mini-Max categories. The mount was designed with performance in mind and truly delivers just that. Dyno results have shown an increase of up to 0.2 hp. This may not sound like a lot but in the micro category every tenth of a horsepower makes a difference.

The motor mounts have been used this year by Micro-Max racers Josh Pierson and Ashton Torgerson, who have secured championships in both the Florida Winter Tour and Challenge of the Americas. Torgerson also leads the CAN-AM Karting Challenge and both drivers were on the podium at the US Rotax Grand Nationals in Sonoma, California.

Rotax Micro Max Engine Mount

Here are a few specifics about the motor mounts:

  • Designed to fit specifically the 28mm chassis tubing to give a more precise fit, which ensures perfect parallelism between the driver and driven gears.
  • The venturi design allows airflow through the mount and under the crankcase providing reduced temperatures throughout the duration of the race.
  • Integrated cooling fins offer increased surface area drawing even more power robbing heat from the crankcase.
  • Redesigned offset to bring the sprocket hub closer to the bearing cassette. This decreases the load imposed on the right crankcase bearing caused by deflection of the axle.

These products are currently available exclusively through Black Racing Engines and Chris Black but dealer inquiries are welcome.

For more information, visit or contact Chris Black at

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