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ASC: Sinclair captures Open Shifter win after a full day of 2-cycle racing

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ASC: Sinclair captures Open Shifter win after a full day of 2-cycle racing

After a full day of Briggs & Stratton Qualifying and heat races on Friday, Sunday was the single speed Rotax and Open shifter day for the Alberta Summer Challenge. CKN’s Neelan Nadesan was track side to cover all the action.

Weekend Results

Open Shifter

Zachary Sinclair and Joey Guyon were the drivers to beat in Shifter Senior qualifying first and second then going on to repeat those same results in the two heat races.

The final however would be a different story as Sinclair and Guyon both having poor starts allowing Alan Haggerty to take the holeshot going into turn one. Followed by Guyon and Ryan Martin. Guyon and Martin would but get by Haggerty on the third lap setting up would at the time appeared to be a two horse race for the win. Half way through the final Martin attempted a late braking move for the lead going into the first corner which resulted in his K&K shifter climbing over the radiator of Guyon’s Intrepid.

With the two leaders out of contention Sinclair made his way back to the front of the field after dropping all the way down to sixth in the opening lap. After taking the lead it Sinclair would cruise to victory by a large margin over the battle for second. Haggerty held off Andrew Kerenyi and a hard charging Guyon for second at the checkered flag.

Open Shifter Podium (Photo: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Rotax Micro Max & Mini Max

The Rotax Micro max division was dominated by Max Pankewitz from qualifying to the two heat races. Silas Gershman was the Pankewitz closest competitor through the heats however he still needs to find some pace in order to challenge the leader come Sunday’s final

Shawn Kozma was the fast qualifier in mini max with Kyle Cassels close behind in second. When it came to the heats however Keifer Peet sweeped both races with Kozma finishing second in both races followed by Darryen Hilwa. The two heat wins gives Peet pole position for Sunday’s final.

Max Pankewitz (Photo: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Rotax Junior

Defending race winner Griffin Dowler Qualified first in the Rotax Junior category then went on to win heat 1 after a close battle with Jason Leung and Townes Allen. Leung unfortunately was disqualified from the heat due to a technical infraction.

In Heat 2 Leung wouldn’t let his disqualification affect him as he drove took the lead on the second lap from Dowler and never looked back. Allen finised third behind the two leaders and could play spoilers come Sunday’s final.

Dowler, Leung and Allen have all been quick in Rotax Junior (Photo: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Rotax Senior & Masters

After dominating the DD2 final on Friday night Matthew Taskinen was on point in Senior Max qualifying Pole and dominating both heat races. Behind Taskinen were former WCC champions Coltin McCaughan and Skylar Dunning, both of whom were quick but couldn’t close the gap to the leader. Ben Maxfield was quick all day but had bad luck starting on the outside row which lead to him falling to the back in both prefinals.

In Rotax Masters Angelo Amorim took pole in quailfying and won the first heat while Craig Nemberg was the winner of heat two.

Matthew Taskinen was ultra fast on Saturday in Senior (Photo: Neelan Nadesan/CKN)

Sunday will include the finals for both Briggs & Stratton and Rotax categories. Be sure to check CKN for all the updates from the weekend’s races.

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