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WCC: 2014 Venues Announced

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WCC: 2014 Venues Announced

By: Rotax Max Challenge Canada

The 2014 Western Canadian Championship will be a 6 race championship held in two rounds. The dates were announced a few weeks ago, with the first round on July 11-13th and the second round on August 8-10th.

Chosing a venue is not as simple as it may seems. An event such as the WCC requires a huge commitment from the local club and this is why we must follow a selection process. We must also have to take into consideration several factors, one being the general idea to try to visit different tracks. The tracks not chosen this year will have an advantage in the selection process for next year.

For the first venue, it was clear that the event would take place in Saskatchewan as the tracks in Saskatoon and Regina where the only 2 possibilities for the first round. This year, South Sask Kart Club will host the first round at the 3 Flags Motor Sports, in Lumsden, just north of Regina.

For the second venue, it was a difficult choice as many clubs applied to host this event. The Greg

Moore Raceway in Chilliwack will host the 2nd and final round of the WCC where the champions will be crowned and where the two seats (MAX Jr and MAX classes) for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals will be awarded. One element in favor of Chilliwack is the presentation of the final CAN-AM event the weekend after and this way, competitors and teams will already be on site, saving a lot of time in installation/dismantlement and traveling.

2014 WCC fast facts:

– 6 race series
– 2 weekends with 3 race days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

Round # 1

Date: July 11-13
Location: 3 Flags Motor Sports, Lumsden (Regina), SK

Round # 2

Date: August 8-10
Location: Greg-Moore Raceway, Chilliwack, B.C.

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