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2013 CKN Year in Review Awards: Mechanic of the Year

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2013 CKN Year in Review Awards: Mechanic of the Year

Looking back at the successful year that 2013 was, we here at Canadian Karting News decided to create our own set of awards, all pertaining to categories we feel worthy. Throughout the final weeks of 2013, we will highlight an award for categories such as Junior and Senior driver’s of the year, helmet design of the year, Canadian event of the year, best appearing kart among many others.

While these are all the opinion of CKN, you can let us know who you think deserved each award. Using the comments below each article, let us know who you feel was worthy of the award and a short blurb why you believe so.

*Mechanic of the Year*

– Dads/Moms
– Friends
– Supporters
– Tuners
– Everyone else

Winner: All of the Above

Looking back at the final moments of 2013 and trying to conclude a winner of our Mechanic of the Year award, we decided that there was no one person who helped their driver more than any other this year. Whether they were a full time tuner, or a friend there for support, or a brother in law just helping out, without the support they provided just getting on track would be challenging for most drivers.

And so we decided to present this award to everyone who has helped out a driver in 2013.

On multiple occasions, when a driver had an issue as his/her class rolled off the grid there was always someone to help. When a kart needed a lift following a race, there was always someone to help. When that trusty recoil let go right before the Final, there was always somebody to help. Coast to coast, it was everyone off the track that helped make everything on the track happen and for that we thank every person who helped support karting in 2013.

Happy New Year everyone, we will see you at a track soon.

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