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10 Hours of Goodwood Preview – Part 3

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10 Hours of Goodwood Preview – Part 3

Fifteen teams are confirmed for the ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ this weekend and in our final preview, Daniel DiLeo and myself look at the final five.

As a reminder, teams will get the chance to shake down their new karts as well as qualify on Saturday afternoon. The green flag drops at 9:00 AM on Sunday morning and everyone is encouraged to drop by Goodwood Kartways and support the racers. We’ve even heard That’s Sapore will have plenty of food and refreshments to keep everyone warm throughout the day.

Team #11 – Jim Barass Racing / Semi-Pro


  • Jordan Bezugly
  • Mike Wagner
  • Anthony Celetti
  • Peter Scarsella
  • Johnny Martire

Daniel’s take:

“This is the only team of drivers that I’m unfamiliar with, therefore making them a wild card. Obviously, these guys have some karting experience and I’m happy to welcome them to Goodwood and see what they can do over ten hours on Sunday.”

Team #12 – R Zombies / Semi-Pro


  • Arbi Arzoumani
  • Daryl Wiliams
  • Denis Biogini
  • Taz Biogini

Daniel’s take:

“We have four drivers here that have been racing in our Friday night Arrive and Drive league for many years and all four have found the top step of the podium. Arzoumani and Wiliams are used to battling each at the top of the standings each year, while the father and son Biogini duo are more recreational but have a huge passion for the sport. This is a great mix of competitors coming together to form a team and I’m excited to see what they can do.”

Team #13 – Libby Speed / Semi-Pro


  • Jonathon Libby
  • Robert Strenga
  • Aaron Turnbull
  • Nathan Wilkie

Cody’s Take:

“I recognize a couple of these names from Flamboro Speedway. I know Aaron Turnbull was a force at the Waterloo Regional Kart Club a few years back, so he for sure knows his way around a kart track. Robert Strenga could be a dark horse in this event to throw down some of the fastest times. A quick check on Facebook shows he’s part of the Formula SAE team at the University of Toronto and that he’s driven a Rotax Max powered Energy Kart in his home country of Latvia. I’ll be keeping a close on this squad.”

Team #14 – CKN Works Racing / Pro


  • Nathan Kelly
  • Daniel Burkett
  • Tyler MacEwan
  • Alexi Liverant
  • Joel Boyle

Cody’s take:

“How could I be a part of this event and not have a team entered? Working with team captain Nathan Kelly, he has recruited an exciting roster of drivers that all have some sort of karting experience. Daniel Burkett, who now races Prototype cars, and Tyler MacEwan were a part of the potent 2012 Rotax DD2 class in the ECKC, while Alexi Liverant has been in and out of a kart for the past few seasons. The only guy I don’t know is Joel Boyle, and according to Kelly, ‘he’s played a ****load of F1 2018’ and for me, that’s enough to round out this powerhouse team!”

Team #15 – To be confirmed / Pro

We’ve been told there is one final team still sorting out their roster of drivers. Will they call William Nylander and get their contracts signed, we don’t know. We just hope they are ready to race on Sunday morning.

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