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10 Hours of Goodwood Preview – Part 2

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10 Hours of Goodwood Preview – Part 2

The final weekend of the Canadian karting season is upon us and those looking to close their season out in style will suit up at Goodwood Kartways on Sunday for the inaugural ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ endurance race. Teams of four to eight drivers will do battle in brand new Intrepid rental karts, all with the goal of completing the most laps in the elapsed time. It will be a gruelling day of competition, with Mother Nature sure to make an impact as well during the final weekend of October.

Continuing our preview of teams set to take the track, myself and Daniel DiLeo look more Semi-Pro and Pro teams entered and give our two-cents. There are some big guns on these rosters and we’re excited to see what they can do on the track.

It’s not too late to register, either as a team or an individual looking for a team. Contact immediately for availability.

If you missed part 1 and our preview of the first five teams, click here.

Team #6: Bullitt Racing / Semi-Pro


  • Andrew Knox
  • Cliff Lagieux
  • Griffin Todd
  • Steve Diamont

Daniel’s take:

“This team features some Arrive and Drive regulars. Drivers that have raced in our Arrive and Drive program for years and years. Their experience with the Intrepid Raceline racing karts can go a long way but the question will be how do they adapt to a new track layout and race format.”

Team #7: 360 Motorsports / Pro


  • Carson Massey
  • Michael Adams
  • Gianluca Savaglio
  • Nicky Palladino
  • Roman DeAngelis*

Cody’s take:

“A great team mix of Juniors and graduated kart racers. Savaglio and Palladino are proven race winners in Briggs Junior, while Carson Massey has gotten up to speed quickly this season racing amongst the best. Completing the group is Michael Adams, who we saw jump back in a kart in Mont-Tremblant a few weeks ago and nearly win, as well as Roman DeAngelis, a fomer Canadian Karting Champion who now races in the Porsche GT3 Cup across North America. These guys may not lead the opening laps, but definately have the power to lead at the end.”

*Update: Roman DeAngelis has been called to big leagues and will now be racing in the Porsche race supporting the Formula 1 Grand Prix. While this is a loss to the team, the other four will still be strong.

Team #8: Not All Multimatic Employees / Semi-Pro


  • Paul Charbonneau
  • Swenja Heuer
  • Peter D’Urso
  • Simon Barron
  • Andrew Mcilroy
  • Patrick Ripley
  • Nuwan Wijerayne
  • Jamie Leveille

Daniel’s take:

“‘Racing is in my blood’…that’s a saying that we hear quite often at the kart track and it couldn’t be more true for this team. Summarizing, this team is made up of drivers who simply eat, sleep and breathe motorsports. Not only do they work on race cars on a day-to-day basis for Multimatic, but many of these drivers are also in our karts regularly. If they aren’t turning wrenches across North America, chances are they are making arrangements to join one of our events. A dark horse, Swenja Heuer. She has some international karting experience and she is fast!”

Team #9: Legenda Motorsport / Semi-Pro


  • Daniel Tapuc
  • Brent Mitchel
  • Thomas Dej
  • Stewart Priddle
  • Terry Zhao

Daniel’s take:

“Made up from individual participants, passion will be a key ingredient for this team. Many of these guys reached out saying they love karting, they love the idea of the 10 hours race and quite simply they want in. Now a team of five drivers who have probably never met each other, how quickly can they bond?”

Team #10: The Foragers / Semi-Pro


  • Brad Philips
  • Ray Cowan
  • Stephan Watson
  • Nelsan Fang
  • Jesse Saunders

Daniel’s take:

“This should be interesting. Here we have a team made up of members of our Mosport Arrive and Drive program. These guys are used to success at our sister facility and we expect them to be in contention come Sunday. Working against them, they don’t have nearly as much track time at Goodwood compared to Mosport and the Mosport Arrive and Drive karts are different than this new Intrepid Raceline fleet.”

The ’10 Hours of Goodwood’ hits the track on October 28 at Goodwood Kartways. CKN will be trackside providing updates all race long.

Stay tuned for our next update, featuring the next five teams registered to race.

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