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Yanko Crowned Briggs Masters Canadian Champion

ASN Canadian Karting Championships

Yanko Crowned Briggs Masters Canadian Champion

Briggs Masters saw some great action all over the track and after all the dust settled it would ultimately be Eli Yanko (VSR/Tony Kart) being crowned as the 2019 Canadian National Champion.

Eli Yanko and Jamie MacArthur (K&K East/K&K Kart) put on quite a show right until the end. The two drivers were able to spread out a small gap on the chasing pack, that featured Corey Walsh (REM/Kosmic), Darren Kearnon (VSR/TonyKart) and Rich Folino (Prime/BirelART), as the race unfolded.

Swapping positions near the end, MacArthur would lock down the lead and cross the line first, showing a great amount of emotion with the victory. However, he was found guilty of a technical infraction following the race and the win was awarded to Yanko. This was one of many intense moments throughout the day.

The on-track battle for third was just as exciting as drivers pushed until the very end. Ultimately it was Walsh followed closely by Kearnan, while Folino fell to seventh on the final lap.

Briggs Masters Final

  1. Eli Yanko
  2. Corey Walsh
  3. Darren Kearnon
  4. Stephen Goebel
  5. Steven MacVoy
  6. Matthew Demers
  7. Rich Folino
  8. Toby Beaudin
  9. Levon Beaudin
  10. Quinn Dewsburry
  11. Dan Skilton
  12. Sylvain Coloumbe
  13. Dave Anderson
  14. Jamie MacArthur

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