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World Class Racing at Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals / Portimao 2012

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World Class Racing at Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals / Portimao 2012

The last week of November 2012 will see the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals take place at the International Karting Circuit of Portimao (KIA), Portugal. All the winners and leading contenders of the International Rotax MAX Challenge will attend the meeting, although only the very best will come away with championship titles.

For the second time, Portugal is hosting the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals which will take place at the exciting Portimao Karting Circuit, one of the discipline’s best venues anywhere in the world and also one of the most modern of its kind.

With more than 250 entries, the success of the event is already guaranteed and, like so many of today’s motor racing stars, many of those attending are likely to go on to enjoy top international careers in the sport.


To bring such an important event to the Portimao Karting Circuit, Rotax has worked particularly hard. Today, it is proud to confirm that everything is in place to welcome the Grand Finals. Rotax will ensure that all participants will have an identical chance to fight for victory and that all the drivers will benefit from the very best equipment.

To get a feel for the logistics involved, here are some numbers:
– An organizing team of 100 people, from 10 nations,
– 150 hours of engine dyno testing,
– 276 drivers from 60 countries for the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals (plus 34 youngsters who will compete in the supporting national event on December 1 in the Rotax 125 Micro MAX class),
– 75 tonnes of equipment,
– 13 trucks to transport equipment (trolleys, tools, engines, fuel, office equipment, etc.),
– 330 Rotax engines, plus some 300 chassis provided by our different chassis partners (Birel, MACH 1, Haase and Sodi, plus Praga for the Rotax 125 Micro MAX race),
– 1,000 sets of tires,
– 3,500 hours of preparation work.

The event will be attended by some 1,500 people (drivers and their families, mechanics, chassis staff, BRP-Powertrain staff, etc.), while 50,000 people are expected to follow the action on the internet (Twitter, Facebook, live timing, etc.)


Hosting such a world class event will also bring many benefits to the Algarve region and will help to boost international tourism in Portugal. Analysts predict it will generate a direct profit of €3.5 million, plus collateral profits in excess of €400,000!

During the event, more than 2,000 people will stay in more than 1.500 hotel rooms, while more than 400 visitors will rent a car, not to mention the thousands of meals that will be served in the restaurants of the region.

The event will also serve as a valuable promotional showcase for the Algarve Region during the year’s low season. Indeed, the Rotax MAX Challenge Grand Finals are one of five world class motorsport events to be hosted by Portugal in 2012.

Today, all is set for Portimao to welcome the world’s biggest karting competition.

For further information (entry list, timetable, media accreditation, etc.), please visit or contact the Press Office.

Content: BRP – Rotax

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