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Woods-Toth Scores First Canadian Championship Since 2015


Woods-Toth Scores First Canadian Championship Since 2015

We had to double-check the stats, but you read that headline correctly, Rok Senior driver Patrick Woods-Toth won his first Canadian Karting Championship since 2015 when he took the crown in Mini Max.

Over the past five years, Woods-Toth has been successful at just about every event he’s entered, dominating the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship with three straight championships, winning the Canadian Open as well as international competitions and even an online sim race title that scored him a ticket to the Rotax Grand Finals, but the Nationals have eluded him until this past Sunday.

Throughout the weekend, Woods-Toth (Prime/BirelART) was just behind Robert Soroka (KGR/RedSpeed) and the pair were set to start the Final on the front row to settle the score.

However, after the first start was waived off, the group formed back up in preparation for another attempt when suddenly Soroka slowed and pulled to the side of the track. Unable to get his engine to restart, a stuck float being the culprit, Soroka was forced to watch his race from the sidelines before it even started.

This moved Ayden Ingratta (SpeedLab/CRG) onto the pole position and he nabbed the lead of the race when the green flag flew. At his first opportunity, Woods-Toth slipped up the inside of Ingratta entering corner five and grabbed the lead on the opening lap.

The first lap saw Woods-Toth just ahead of Ingratta, Adam Ali (REM/Kosmic), Mackenzie Milwain (REM/Kosmic) and Nolan Bower (NBM/Exprit).

On lap four Ali dove to the inside of Ingratta in the hair to move into second place and moments later Bower caught the curb and spun, surrendering the fifth spot.

The front four were all running similar lap times and separated by 3-5 kart lengths through the middle stage of the race as things settled down.

Eventually, Woods-Toth kept pulling away while Ali was idle in second and the driver on the move was Marco Filice (Prime/BirelART). He started the race in ninth and was making a late race charge.

On lap eleven he moved by Ingratta for the fourth spot and three laps later he had chased down and passed Milwain to score himself a spot on the podium.

From there the only change inside the top-five was Diego Ramos (PSL/BirelART) getting by Ingratta for fifth place with five laps to go as Woods-Toth scored the race win and posted the fastest lap of the race too.

Ali took his second podium finish of the day in second, while Filice took third ahead of Milwain and Ramos.

The win earned Woods-Toth an invite to the Rok Cup SuperFinal in Italy this fall.

Canadian Karting Championships Rok Senior Final Results

1Patrick Woods-Toth
2Adam Ali1.577
3Marco Filice6.598
4Mackenzie Milwain9.088
5Diego Ramos11.084
6Lorenzo Morsillo17.173
7Ayden Ingratta17.558
8Ryan MacDermid18.534
9Russell Boyle18.980
10Ian Qiu19.007
11Brady Clapham19.685
12Cole Hooton20.004
13Jacob Miles24.588
14Austin Boyle24.684
15Daniel Ali24.878
16Avery Miller26.819
17Matthew Miles30.041
18Nolan Bower31.866
19Matte Ferrari32.838
20Zack Lalonde40.829
21Khloe Drummond47.622
22Justin Spence49.494
23Eric Kunz56.387
24Eamon Lowe2 laps
25Yuchen Ye12 laps
26Santino Fossati17 laps
27Robert Soroka22 laps
28Noah TaylorDQ
29Cruz FormusaDNS
30Ari KorkodilosDNS

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