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What Are Your 2018 Karting Goals?


What Are Your 2018 Karting Goals?

We want to hear from you CKN Nation! It’s been a very cold winter and that has us dreaming of warmer temperatures and burning rubber on the race track and with it, we’ve come up with a fun feature.

Using the form below, let us know what your goals are for the 2018 racing season. From the submissions, we will post our favourites on our website and feature our Canadian drivers from coast to coast! It will be a great way to get yourself a feature story on CKN and tell the world what you want to accomplish this karting season!

Once you are done filling out the form, be sure to share it with your karting friends and your favourite social media platforms.

We look forward to hearing from everyone and we thank you in advance!

My 2018 Karting Goals
Just in case we need to contact you.
Where are you from?
Where do you race?
List the classes you intend to race in 2018.
Tell us how you did last karting season.
What do you want accomplish this season?
Tell us what you love most about karting.
Please submit a picture to post with your questionnaire on CKN. (JPG format, minimum 1000 pixels wide)

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