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WCC: Selliken Earns Win #2; Choquer Claims the Title in Rotax Senior

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WCC: Selliken Earns Win #2; Choquer Claims the Title in Rotax Senior

It all came down to SuperSunday in Rotax Senior as Championship hopefuls Bryce Choquer (BBR/Kosmic) and Coltin McCaughan (CKN/TonyKart) came into the final day of action nearly deadlocked in points with Choquer holding a slight advantage.

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Qualifying kicked off with head games as Choquer and McCaughan waited each other out on track with neither driver putting in their best efforts early. But when the checkered flag flew to end the session, only McCaughan was able to put in a solid lap, good enough for second behind Skylar Dunning (KGK/Kosmic), while Choquer was back in sixth.

A flurry in the PreFinal saw Choquer fall to the rear and McCaughan fell back to fifth while American Luke Selliken (RPG/Kosmic) jumped out to the lead. As things settled down, McCaughan worked back up to second and Choquer to fourth until two laps remained and McCaughan slowed on the backstretch before coming to halt. Perched over his kart in disbelief, his championship hopes were dashed with a broken chain. Selliken won the heat, Dunning in second and Choquer third.

A tough start for Dunning saw Derek Wang (FA Kart) fly overtop of him in corner 1 sending him to the rear of the field while karts scattered to avoid the oncoming action. Selliken assumed the lead with Choquer up to second and Kris Hoffbeck (RaceLab/FormulaK) up to third on his new set of tires.

Hoffbeck utilized his advantage to overtake Choquer for second with McCaughan and Jordan Redlin (PSL West/CRG) also catching Choquer. McCaughan worked his way by with little challenge from Choquer but Redlin wasn’t able to capitalize on his chances before the finish.

Selliken took the win with Hoffbeck comfortably in second and McCaughan grabbing the final podium step.

But the fourth place effort was all Choquer needed to secure the WCC title, just edging out McCaughan when the final points were tallied. Dunning and Garret Britton (K&M/Birel) tied for third overall, with Dunning getting the upper hand based on overall race results.

Choquer joins Team Canada for the fourth time in his career and is the first Rotax Senior driver to be named to the squad for the Rotax Grand Finals in Valencia, Spain. Two more Canadian drivers will join him in the category courtesy of the Eastern Canadian Karting Championships and ASN Canadian National Championships.


The Championship podium: Skylar Dunning (l), Bryce Choquer (c) and Coltin McCaughan (r) – Photo by: Cody Schindel/CKN)

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